How To Get Rid Of Acne Blemishes

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Blemishes
How To Get Rid Of Acne Blemishes

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Acne is a skin blemish that causes a lot of problems for people of all ages. The inconvenience is caused not only by the acne itself, but also by their consequences in the form of reddish or dark spots. The reason for the appearance of such spots is the formation of a large amount of melanin in the place where the pimple was. Melanin stimulates skin inflammation. Acne spots are a solvable problem, but it is better not to allow them to appear.

How to get rid of acne blemishes
How to get rid of acne blemishes


Step 1

To get started, train yourself to start your morning with a glass of cold water. Drink it on an empty stomach thirty minutes before meals in order to flush out toxins accumulated overnight from the body and speed up metabolism.

Step 2

Review your diet. Avoid spicy, sugary foods and alcoholic beverages. Eat more vegetables and fruits, take vitamins.

Step 3

Add a little lemon juice to the water for washing. Be careful not to overdo it. Remember that the solution must be very weak so as not to dry out the skin.

Step 4

After washing your face, wipe your face with ice cubes. Use regular ice or frozen chamomile tea. Wrap the ice cube in a clean cloth as you wipe it down to avoid overcooling your skin. Do this procedure for no more than two minutes.

Step 5

During the day, wipe your face with a decoction of those herbs that have soothing, wound healing and regenerating properties. These include St. John's wort, calendula, and parsley.

Step 6

Also wipe the damaged skin with apple cider vinegar diluted with water. To do this, mix one teaspoon of vinegar with three teaspoons of water.

Step 7

During water procedures, make masks from white or green clay. You can buy such clay at any pharmacy. The effect will be better if you dilute the clay not with water, but with cucumber juice. Cucumber juice has a whitening effect, it will make stains less visible.

Step 8

Do not forget that aloe juice is an excellent bactericidal and healing agent. The juice of this plant will eliminate the oily sheen of the skin and help you quickly get rid of acne blemishes. Wipe the skin with juice twice a day, or apply a compress with a cotton swab for ten minutes. Use only fresh aloe juice.

Step 9

Contact a specialist - beautician or dermatologist. They each have their own methods of treating or removing acne blemishes. The doctor will prescribe the necessary treatments and ointments for you.

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