How To Shape The Eyebrows

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How To Shape The Eyebrows
How To Shape The Eyebrows

Video: How To Shape The Eyebrows

Video: How To Shape The Eyebrows

What impression you make depends largely on the shape of the eyebrows - it is this detail of the face that affects the expressiveness and attractiveness in general. Many people prefer to have their eyebrow shaping done in the salon. But this simple procedure can be carried out at home, on your own.

The beauty of the eyes is favorably emphasized by the shape of the eyebrows
The beauty of the eyes is favorably emphasized by the shape of the eyebrows

It is necessary

To give your eyebrows the desired shape, you will need the following items: tweezers with beveled edges, alcohol or alcohol-based lotion (tonic), a mirror sized to show your entire face


Step 1

Examine your face properly in the mirror. It depends on its shape, which shape is better to give the eyebrows. If the eyebrows are straight enough, then it is not recommended to do anything difficult with them - it is quite enough just to correct their thickness and line according to the natural shape of the eyebrows. The optimal shape of the eyebrow is considered to be an eyebrow similar in outline to the outline of the upper lip.

But if you cannot clearly define the intended shape of your eyebrows, then just take a white or light-colored cosmetic pencil. Draw the shape of the eyebrows that seems optimal to you. Plucking your eyebrows following the lines you have drawn will be much easier.

Take TWEEZERS. It should be of high quality, stainless steel, with smooth tips. When squeezed, the tweezers should spring slightly. To disinfect the tweezers, treat them with rubbing alcohol.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before plucking.

Use lotion to wipe the brow area to avoid infection.

Step 2

When plucking eyebrows, keep in mind that its beginning should be wider than its end. If the face is oval, then just make the lines smooth. With a round face, slightly raised eyebrows look better, and their ends should be slightly rounded. In the case of a square face, the eyebrows can be quite long, in the form of a smooth arc. And finally, if the face is triangular, then eyebrows that are not too long, but raised, will look better on it.

Stretch the skin slightly where you are going to remove the hair. Gently pick up the hair with tweezers. Do not pull the hair out too hard or it will hurt. But the movement must be confident, otherwise it will turn out that you are simply pulling the hair for no reason. Move hair by hair along the entire length of the eyebrow. Take your time: it is better to adjust the shape of the eyebrows again later than to suddenly find that you have removed too many hairs. When tightening the skin and grabbing the hair with tweezers, be careful not to damage the thin skin. Do not use a razor when depilation of eyebrows. The shape is unlikely to be successful, and there is a risk of cutting yourself.

Step 3

Comb your eyebrows with a brush - it is desirable that it is clean, without gel. Evaluate the result. The eyebrows should come out the same. With the mirror slightly away from your face, check that both the length and width of both eyebrows match. Resist the temptation to pluck too many hairs along the top of your brow. This will visually lower the eyebrow, the proportions of the face will be "broken".

Once you've finished shaping your eyebrows, rub the lotion swab over your eyebrows and eyelids again. Brows should be combed in the direction of hair growth. The resulting shape must be corrected once a week.