How To Use Thermal Water For Skin Care

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How To Use Thermal Water For Skin Care
How To Use Thermal Water For Skin Care

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Doctors-dermatologists have long argued about the need for mandatory moisturizing of the skin. However, in hot weather, not many people want to apply any cosmetic products to their face. In this case, thermal water can come to the rescue. But it can be used for other purposes as well.

How to use thermal water for skin care
How to use thermal water for skin care


Step 1

Use thermal water as the main treatment for sensitive or damaged skin. It will help to effectively cleanse it without disturbing the natural protective balance. Also, cosmetologists recommend using thermal water in the care of skin damaged by peels, resurfacing and other traumatic procedures.

Step 2

Finish cleansing your skin after epilation with thermal water. It can help prevent irritation and also serve as a safe moisturizer instead of cream or lotion.

Step 3

To improve the function of a cream or mask, add thermal water to it before application. Due to the fact that it contains many trace elements, it helps to fight a wide variety of skin problems. These are the first wrinkles, and inflammation, and acne, and various redness. And in some cases, thermal water even helps to fight the manifestations of psoriasis on the face.

Step 4

Dilute dry mask mixtures, such as clay, with thermal water.

Step 5

Moisturize your skin with thermal water before applying a mask or scrub to your face. Thus, it will help all the beneficial substances from the mask to work most effectively.

Step 6

If you have oily skin, it is sometimes very difficult to find a moisturizer and even a gel for it. Use thermal water as a moisturizer. It is especially good in summer and in hot countries, when it is especially difficult to control sebum secretion, and almost any cream is felt on the skin as a mask.

Step 7

Use thermal water for newborn skin care. Recently, it has been increasingly used in the fight against atopic dermatitis in children.

Step 8

In its pure form, spray water on your face before applying moisturizer, it will create a retention barrier that will keep moisture on the skin.

Step 9

Moisturize your skin with thermal water spray when flying. Spray it on your face once an hour. This will help to avoid dehydration, which usually plagues during a long stay in the cabin.

Step 10

Spray thermal water onto face for 30 seconds to set makeup.

Step 11

Use thermal water indoors with dry air. Spraying it on your face several times a day can help reduce the damage the dry air can cause to your skin.

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