How To Wax Bikini Hair

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How To Wax Bikini Hair
How To Wax Bikini Hair
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Epilation has long been a routine procedure for most women. Someone does it from time to time, for someone it is an indispensable element of personal care. Most often, legs, armpits and bikini area are epilated.

How to wax bikini hair
How to wax bikini hair

It is necessary

  • - wax;
  • - cleansing lotion;
  • - strips for hair removal.


Step 1

Decide how you want to carry out this delicate procedure - in the salon or on your own. Both the first and second options have their advantages and disadvantages. The master in the salon (who, if desired, can be invited to your home) will carry out this manipulation quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Self-hair removal will be much cheaper, and besides, there will be no doubts about the cleanliness of the tools. In addition, many women feel awkward in front of the master, so they prefer to epilate on their own.

Step 2

If you decide to trust a specialist, do not rush to go to the nearest salon or invite the ad master home. Ask friends and colleagues (if such conversations are appropriate at work), talk to your hairdresser or beautician. In this case, the likelihood of getting to a good specialist increases dramatically.

Step 3

If you prefer to do it yourself, choose only high-quality materials (wax from trusted manufacturers), which, by definition, cannot be too cheap. At home, for epilation of the bikini area, it is best to use warm wax, which should be heated in a water bath or in a special heater.

Step 4

Allow the hairs in the bikini area to grow approximately 5 mm (at least), otherwise effective epilation will not work.

Step 5

Take a warm bath immediately before the procedure to steam the skin a little and soothe any discomfort.

Step 6

If you are epilation for the first time or if you experience very strong pain, you can apply local anesthetics (ointments, sprays), which are applied to the skin some time before the procedure.

Step 7

Before waxing, be sure to disinfect and degrease your skin with a special cleansing lotion.

Step 8

Take a comfortable position (lie on the sofa or sit in a chair, just in case, spread a diaper or a towel so as not to drip wax on the furniture) and apply preheated wax (up to a temperature of 40 degrees, not higher) on the epilated area, and put special stripes.

Step 9

With a sharp jerk, pull the wax strip off your skin. Don't pull on a little, for fear of hurting yourself - it will hurt even more.

Step 10

Be sure to use a special product that slows down hair growth. Avoid wearing tight clothes (such as tight jeans and bikinis) for the first 12 hours after epilation, and plan this manipulation a few days before going to the beach, and not just before.

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