How To Grow Long Bangs

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How To Grow Long Bangs
How To Grow Long Bangs

Video: How To Grow Long Bangs

Video: How To Grow Long Bangs
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Long bangs are a popular detail of the image of many "stars": Ashlee Simpson and Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and Alison Hannigan "wear" it. Active cosmetics, taking vitamin preparations, as well as observing simple rules for hair care will help you quickly grow bangs.

How to grow long bangs
How to grow long bangs

It is necessary

  • - alcohol tincture of red pepper;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - shampoos with ginger;
  • - rosemary or sandalwood essential oil.


Step 1

To speed up the regrowth of your bangs, wash your hair with a growth-promoting shampoo such as ginger. Use folk remedies-stimulants: the most famous of them is an alcoholic tincture of red (hot) pepper. Be careful: for sensitive scalp, dilute it with vegetable oil (1: 1). Get hair growth masks. Using these products will help reduce the amount of time your hairstyle will not look its best.

Step 2

Massage your scalp daily to ensure blood flow. Comb the bangs with a thin comb, as if "pulling" it a little. First, apply a couple of drops of essential oil to the teeth of the comb - preferably rosemary or sandalwood. You can also slightly pull back your hair while still damp after washing with your fingers: according to reviews, this method helps to speed up the regrowth of bangs.

Step 3

Try as little as possible to use hair dryers, stylers, curlers, "irons", tight hairpins: they can damage the hair, after which their growth will slow down significantly. If growing bangs are uncomfortable for you, buy a headband or hair band in trendy colors, or tuck it up or to the side and secure it with nail polish.

Step 4

After consulting with your doctor, purchase vitamin preparations. For intensive hair growth and health, vitamins of groups A and B are needed, as well as zinc, chromium, iodine, potassium, sulfur and selenium. Enrich your diet with walnuts, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, rolled oats, wheat germ - the active substances they contain help accelerate hair regrowth.

Step 5

If the available bang length does not suit you, and you want to see the result as quickly as possible, you can take a course of salon procedures. A good effect is, for example, hardware stimulation of hair growth, but this pleasure is not cheap. In addition, he has contraindications (for example, pregnancy), so you should first consult with a qualified specialist.