How To Paint Eyes

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How To Paint Eyes
How To Paint Eyes

Video: How To Paint Eyes

Video: How To Paint Eyes
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The eyes of a woman are able to give a man hope, captivate, charm and push to madness - this is the brightest and most expressive part of the face. You can emphasize the depth of the look, a charming cut and a rich shade of women's eyes with the help of competent makeup.

How to paint eyes
How to paint eyes


Step 1

Choose a complex of decorative cosmetics. The palette of shadows depends on the color of the eyes - light eyes require makeup in calm, pastel shades, and dark eyes can be highlighted with contrasting saturated tones. The eyeliner should be thin and soft, and the mascara can be chosen according to preference (lengthening, voluminous, waterproof, etc.). You will need an eyebrow pencil, a brush for shading eyeshadows, and cotton swabs.

Step 2

Prepare your skin for makeup. The skin around the eyes must be cleansed, moisturized and degreased. Dark circles and a small blood mesh can be masked with a corrector, the upper eyelids can be powdered.

Step 3

Bring your eyes. The line should be clear and straight - regardless of its shape. Start your eyeliner line at the inner corner of your eye and draw it close to the edge of your lashes. The line should end at the outer edge of the eye or go a little further beyond it (“arrows”). The direction of movement of the pencil can be any - as it is more convenient for anyone. Applying a long-lasting liquid eyeliner requires certain skills - the line is difficult to correct because it dries quickly.

Step 4

Use visual effects. Narrow eyes can be expanded with blurred eyeliner, bulging eyes can be hidden with dark shadows, and close-set ones can be shaded with light shadows at the bridge of the nose and with a dark palette to emphasize the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 5

Apply eyeshadow. Coloring of the upper eyelid can be done with special brushes, sponge, cotton swabs or hands - often all methods are used in the process of applying shadows. The type of skin determines the type of shadows - dry skin requires a liquid and dense composition of cosmetics, dry compact shadows are ideal for oily skin. The rules for applying shadows - from light to dark. It is customary to shade the outer corners of the eyes with dark tones, and the place under the eyebrows needs to be lightened, as well as the inner corners of the eyes. This technique lends depth to the look.

Step 6

Color your eyelashes. Mascara should be applied last. If you need to make sure that the mascara lasts as long as possible, then you can apply two layers. Make sure that the painted eyelashes, which have not yet had time to dry, do not ruin the makeup and do not stick together. Brush your lashes with a clean mascara brush.