How To Choose A Haircut For Long Hair

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How To Choose A Haircut For Long Hair
How To Choose A Haircut For Long Hair

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A well-chosen haircut can highlight your face and hide some imperfections. Of course, there are slightly more options for haircuts for short hair than for long ones, but experimenting with the shape and length of bangs and strands, you can choose the right hairstyle and still keep beautiful long hair.

How to choose a haircut for long hair
How to choose a haircut for long hair


Step 1

Masters advise you to choose a haircut, guided by only one main principle - it should make adjustments to the shape of your face. An oval face is considered ideal, which is what you should strive for when choosing a haircut.

Step 2

If you have a round face, then a haircut - a cascade (or "ladder") and oblique bangs, which should be profiled, will help to visually stretch it slightly. Straight bangs will visually stretch the forehead in a horizontal direction, so it is not recommended to do it for people with a round face.

Step 3

Also, when creating a haircut, such people need to increase the volume from above, cover their cheeks with oblique strands and avoid symmetry.

Step 4

Girls with a triangular face need to choose haircuts that can visually narrow the upper part of the face. This effect can be achieved with long side bangs, asymmetrical strands, side parting. Do not make the strands at the cheekbones and cheeks shorter than the rest, as they will focus on this area and make the face rectangular.

Step 5

Owners of a square face should avoid straight lines in their hairstyle. The so-called torn haircuts, which are desirable to be done in a cascade, short temples, open ears, volume in the upper part of the head, side partings and bangs are suitable. Haircuts that are short in the front and long in the back will look good - this way you will be able to maintain the length and at the same time look stylish and attractive.

Step 6

If you naturally have an oval-shaped face, then any haircut you wish will suit you. In this case, you need to be guided only by personal preferences, as well as your style, environment, place of work - these factors in this case should be decisive.

Step 7

There are not so many haircut options for long hair. For those who want to maintain the length of their hairstyle, but at the same time somehow change their appearance, you can experiment with styling.

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