How To Remove Stretch Marks

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How To Remove Stretch Marks
How To Remove Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks on the skin are a problem that can affect any woman. During pregnancy or under the influence of an increase in body volume, the skin tightens, and if it does not have enough collagen and substances that increase elasticity, it breaks. The places of such breaks are overgrown with connective tissue, but differ in color from the rest of the skin. Cosmetic skin defect with stretch marks is a problem that can and should be solved.

How to remove stretch marks
How to remove stretch marks

It is necessary

Nourishing oils, cosmetics for skin stretch marks, products with collagen and vitamins, mummy, sleeping coffee


Step 1

Use a scrub. To get rid of stretch marks, you must first make the top layer of your skin smoother and smoother. Then the nutrients and medications that are designed to help your skin cope with the problem can be better nourished and have a significantly stronger effect. Stretch marks should be treated with a delicate scrub containing a large amount of active substances and oils. Normal coarse drunk coffee is excellent for these purposes. Massage the coffee into your skin in gentle circular motions for five to ten minutes.

Step 2

Use preparations containing collagen or mummy. After the top layer of the skin is removed and access to the more delicate layers is open, it is necessary to apply a drug to the stretch marks area. If the funds allow, immediately after using the scrub, apply a collagen medication or any other remedy to remove stretch marks on the skin. The usual mummy is no less effective. It is necessary to apply it to the skin in a softened form, first diluted with water. Achieve the consistency of sour cream and apply to the skin in an even layer. You can mix the composition with cream or oil and rub in with massage movements. This will give an even more noticeable result.

Step 3

Don't forget about massage. Even ordinary, it promotes active blood flow to the skin in the area of ​​stretch marks, and this enhances the process of cell recovery and regeneration. Massage with special nourishing oils or spa skin care products. It has an excellent effect on stretch marks, significantly reducing their number, anti-cellulite massage. Also use homemade collagen and skin cell nourishing and stimulating wrap.

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