How To Do An Evening Hairstyle

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How To Do An Evening Hairstyle
How To Do An Evening Hairstyle

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Hairstyles for special occasions look very impressive. Curls in them give way to graceful waves, fluffy curls are replaced by smooth shining strands. Styles from long and semi-long hair look especially festive. Do you think that only professionals can create something like this? Not at all - an evening hairstyle can be done with your own hands, at home.

How to do an evening hairstyle
How to do an evening hairstyle

It is necessary

  • - styling spray;
  • - styling mousse;
  • - spray shine;
  • - thin elastic bands;
  • - hairpins;
  • - curling tongs;
  • - thin comb;
  • - round brush;
  • - decorative hairpins and artificial flowers.


Step 1

Make sure you have everything you need to get creative. Stock up on bobby pins, hair-colored elastic bands, hairpins and fine combs. Replenish stocks of hairspray, shine spray, styling mousse and wax. And, of course, pick up spectacular jewelry - brooches, large hairpins, combs or artificial flowers. In addition to the obvious decorative effect, these details will help to disguise the mistakes of a novice stylist.

Step 2

Wash your hair and apply an anti-tangle and anti-static conditioner. Use a round brush to dry. Apply styling mousse to your hair. Wrap the strands on a brush, pull them out and dry with a hair dryer with a flat nozzle. Hair dried in this way becomes smooth and manageable.

Step 3

If you are planning to style unmanageable wavy hair into a sleek hairstyle, use the special curling iron. Before treating the strands, apply a protective spray to them.

Step 4

Choose the styling that suits you. The rules of etiquette say: the more elegant the toilet, the easier the hair should be styled. And vice versa - a little black dress or a formal evening dress requires an intricate and catchy hairstyle.

Step 5

The simplest but win-win evening option is the classic low knot. Moisten your hands with the fixing spray and run through your hair, collecting it in a ponytail around your neck. Secure the ponytail with a thin elastic band and twist it into a tight rope. Using hairpins that match your hair, secure the tourniquet into a knot, tucking the ends inward. Fix the hairstyle with nail polish. Long catchy earrings and bright makeup go very well with this hairstyle.

Step 6

Thick, semi-long hair can be styled into a high hairstyle. Part your hair with a parting from one ear to the other. Divide the front part into two more. Tie the back with an elastic band into a high ponytail and comb through it. Carefully smooth the top of the combed hair, trying to maintain volume. Lift the tail up and secure the ends with a clip. Move it forward and pin at the base in a horseshoe shape. Let go of the hair and form a ball out of it, securing it with hairpins on all sides.

Step 7

Take a side strand, separate a thin strand from it near the face. Comb the rest of the hair, smooth it with a comb, sprinkle with varnish and wrap it around the fixed ball. Pin the strand in the center, tuck the ends inward. Do the same with the second strand. Mask the junction of the strands with a decorative hairpin or a garland of small flowers in the color of your hair.

Step 8

Wrap thin curls near the face with tongs. Spray gloss spray on your hair for shine. Simple dresses in the style of the sixties will suit this hairstyle.

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