How To Apply Shadows Correctly

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How To Apply Shadows Correctly
How To Apply Shadows Correctly

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For the correct application of shadows on the eyelids, it is necessary to carefully select the means of decorative cosmetics, which are sorted depending on the desired effect and personal preferences, as well as the individual shape of the eyes.

How to apply shadows correctly
How to apply shadows correctly


Step 1

Get powdered eyeshadow if you have oily skin. You can buy lipstick. Means, in the form of a powder, fit well on the eyelids, apply lipstick with a sponge and shade slightly.

Step 2

Apply shadows depending on the time of day, if it is a business make-up, use lighter tones than usual, you can buy cream shades, matte, without pearlescent and shine. For the evening, add intensity, brighter tones. Dark shadows are applied from the outer corners of the eyelids, and light shadows are applied closer to the inner and under the eyebrows.

Step 3

Remove unsuccessfully applied makeup, for example, if you used an excess amount of the product, you need to use a thin cotton swab. Use lipstick or dry eyeshadow for dry eyes. For a dress or arched clothing, choose shadows only when the color of the eyes is dark. Owners of a green shade, blue, gray should choose shades of shadows that will be in harmony with the iris.

Step 4

Accentuate the blue tint of the eyes with eye shadows of orange, purple or gray. Blue and blue are not recommended. If you have green eyes or brown eyes, try applying shades of pink, lilac, carmine, fuchsia. In this case, the eyes will become visually more expressive, appear darker.

Step 5

Use purple shades if you have hazel eyes. In the case when you have blue-gray eyes, try applying green eyeshadow for a deeper look, and using blue shades, on the contrary, you can emphasize the shade of the iris.

Step 6

Pay attention to the color of the whites of the eyes. If it is yellowish, you cannot buy shades of purple and olive tones. Do not use green eyeshadow if your eyes are tired, reddened.

Step 7

Buy special makeup brushes, the sets contain sponges for applying shadows, brushes. With their help, you can milk a clear application. remove excess and create a unique image.

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