What A Size 1 Bust Looks Like

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What A Size 1 Bust Looks Like
What A Size 1 Bust Looks Like

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Breast size is one of the key parameters of the figure that must be measured, for example, when sewing clothes. Moreover, in Russian practice, there are simultaneously several scales for measuring the size of the female breast.

What a size 1 bust looks like
What a size 1 bust looks like

Although experienced employees of a women's clothing or lingerie store can determine the size of the breast "by eye", there are quite objective parameters for establishing its size in each specific case.

Size designations

In Russian lingerie stores, you can most often find an alphanumeric designation of the size of a bra, in which there is a two-digit number and a Latin letter. This designation, in turn, is based on two main parameters of the figure used in measurements.

Finding your own parameters is easy enough. To do this, you need to make two measurements, as a result of which you will receive the designation of the bra size you need. The first of these parameters is the circumference of the figure, measured under the bust. It must be measured directly under the bust, tightly covering the measured circumference with a measuring tape. The resulting figure must be rounded off, since the sizes of corsetry products presented in stores are standardized. It should be rounded to the nearest digit from a range that includes positions of 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 and 95 centimeters. In this case, rounding can be carried out both up and down. For example, if the coverage under the bust was 69 centimeters, it should be rounded to 70, and if it was 87 centimeters, to 85.

The second parameter that will need to be measured is the circumference of the chest, which is fixed at the most entering points. In fact, this means that the measuring tape must be passed over the nipple area without significant pressure. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the tape does not sag and is parallel to the floor throughout the circumference.

After that, a simple calculation should be made: from the larger parameter, that is, the chest circumference, subtract the smaller parameter, that is, the circle under the chest. For linen presented in Russian stores, the letter designation of the resulting result is adopted. In addition, this indicator actually corresponds to the designation of breast sizes by ordinal numbers accepted in international practice. So, if it is 10-11 centimeters, you need to look for AA size cups or size zero. 12-13 centimeters correspond to size A or the first, 14-15 centimeters - size B or second, 16-17 centimeters - size C or third, 18-19 centimeters - size D or fourth, 20-21 centimeters - size DD or fifth.

Accordingly, by combining the results obtained, you will find out the designation of the bra size that is right for you. For example, if the size of the circumference under the bust is 69 centimeters, and the difference between this measurement and the circumference of the chest is 12 centimeters, then the required size is 70A.

First size

Thus, women of both miniature and large build can have the first breast size: it is only important that the difference between the circumference of the breast and the circumference under the breast is 12-13 millimeters. Nevertheless, quite fragile girls are often of this size. By eye, the first breast size can be defined as corresponding in size to two medium-sized apples.

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