How To Remove Underarm Vegetation

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How To Remove Underarm Vegetation
How To Remove Underarm Vegetation

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The underarm area always requires special attention when removing unwanted body hair, because unlike the legs and more intimate areas, it is almost always in sight. At the same time, the armpit skin is very thin and sensitive to any effect, therefore, it is necessary to select means for hair removal not only based on their effectiveness, but also taking into account the possible pain of the procedure.

How to remove underarm vegetation
How to remove underarm vegetation


Step 1

The easiest and most affordable way to remove underarm hair is, of course, with a regular razor. To learn how to cope with it, you just have to try once. To do this, you will need a razor with a new sharp blade, shaving foam, a shaving brush or brush, and an after-shave moisturizer.

Step 2

Underarm shaving is most convenient in the bathroom, as there you can easily rinse off any remaining hair and foam right away. In addition, bathrooms usually have good lighting and a large mirror, with which it is convenient to control the whole process.

Step 3

Apply some shaving foam to a shaving brush and spread it over your underarms. Then use a razor to remove the hair in a direction opposite to its growth. Rinse cleansed underarm skin with water from the shower and pat dry with a towel. Then apply a moisturizer to soothe the skin and relieve the effects of mechanical irritation.

Step 4

If you are afraid of a sharp blade and potential cuts, you can use an electric razor and dry shave your hair. However, after an electric razor, dark spots are often left in the place of shaved hair, and the skin looks uneven. In addition, after shaving with any razor, the hair begins to grow back literally in one or two days, so the procedure will have to be repeated almost daily.

Step 5

Special depilation creams will help to achieve a longer and lasting result. They usually contain acids that dissolve the keratin protein that makes up the hair. To remove unwanted vegetation with a cream, spread it on the armpits with a thin layer using the included flat spatula. Wait 10-15 minutes and remove the cream along with the hair with a scraper. Then rinse your skin with plenty of clean water, wipe off and lubricate with moisturizer or aftershave gel.

Step 6

Epilation with hot wax, molten sugar mass (shugaring) or using an electric epilator gives no less lasting result. However, all these methods are quite painful and can cause severe skin irritation, so it is better to do them in a specialized salon with the help of a professional cosmetologist.

Step 7

If you prefer to do wax or sugar hair removal yourself at home, be sure to purchase only high-quality materials for it in specialized stores and first visit a beauty salon at least once in order to remember the correct sequence of actions.

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