How To Do A Quick Hairstyle

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How To Do A Quick Hairstyle
How To Do A Quick Hairstyle

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Are you going to a presentation or an evening party and want to be on top and look as beautiful and sophisticated as ever? You have already thought out your outfit down to the smallest detail, but you missed the hairstyle. More precisely, they did not miss it, but you no longer have time to visit a hairdressing salon. There is only one way out - you can do a quick hairstyle yourself.

How to do a quick hairstyle
How to do a quick hairstyle

It is necessary

comb, hair dryer, hair curling iron, hair spray, barrette or tight elastic band


Step 1

Wash your hair with the shampoo you usually use. Rinse hair with balm and, if possible, apply a nourishing or revitalizing mask for your hair type. Rinse your hair very thoroughly so that it literally squeaks.

Step 2

Relax in the bathroom for a few minutes, meditate, get all unpleasant thoughts out of your head. Think over your image. After all, the hairstyle, be that as it may, should match the dress and makeup, and at the same time, if you have a particularly solemn exit, in no case should it be the same as what you wear every day. At the same time, remember that naturalness is in vogue today.

Step 3

Comb through wet hair, apply styling lather, comb again and use your hands to shape your hair to the roughly desired shape. Dry your hair with a hairdryer, and start the procedure with the lower strands and gradually move the stream of hot air to the crown. At the same time, hold the hair dryer so that the main stream falls on the roots. In general, pay maximum attention to the roots, because they create the maximum volume.

Step 4

Having dried your hair by 70-80 percent, you can now start trying to make a quick hairstyle that will adorn you throughout the evening, starting, as it were, directly to the process. Gather all the hair at the back of your head, secure it with a hairpin or loose elastic band. Now take out a small strand from the resulting tail and wind each of them on a curling iron. But before you start curling, comb through with a hair brush and lightly sprinkle with varnish. Carry out a similar procedure, starting from the lower strands and gradually approaching the hair on the crown.

Step 5

After you have wrapped all your hair, shake your head to give your hair the most natural look. Parse your hair with your hands if necessary. Smile at your reflection and lightly spray your hair with some nail polish.

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