How To Apply Smoky Makeup

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How To Apply Smoky Makeup
How To Apply Smoky Makeup

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Smoky makeup is gradually becoming a classic make-up option for special occasions - it is applied on holidays, in solemn circumstances, used as a means of seduction on a date. Competent shading and rich shades are the main features of smoky eyes makeup.

How to apply smoky makeup
How to apply smoky makeup


Step 1

Prepare the skin around your eyes. Smoky makeup requires flawless application, so the skin of the eyelids should be tinted and powdered. Disguise all imperfections in the form of dark circles, age spots, freckles and redness with a concealer, dust the skin on top with a layer of transparent loose powder.

Step 2

Define an eyeshadow palette. The general condition is that the shadows should be dark. For different shades of eyes, you can choose either gray shades, or focus on your preferred color scheme. Gray and blue eyes can be shaded with blue shadows, brown - brown or green green - purple. Also prepare a shade of beige or white with mother-of-pearl.

Step 3

Apply eyeshadow. Cover the upper eyelid with the chosen rich shade, bring the colors directly to the lash line. Blend the eyeshadow thoroughly with a dense brush, cotton swab or soft sponge. Distribute the shades correctly - the darkest shadows will be at the eyelashes, the line gradually lightens towards the eyebrows. Highlight the area under the eyebrows closer to the temples with light shadows, using them to highlight the inner corner of the eye near the bridge of the nose. Apply some dark eyeshadow under the lower lid and erase the borders.

Step 4

Bring your eyes. Choose an eyeliner to match the main shadows, it should be soft and give a luscious line. Bring your eyes in the way you are used to - along the entire lash line or mark only the outer part. The eyeliner line should thicken towards the temples, you can make it triangular in this area. Hide the transition from the eyeliner to the shadows with competent feathering

Step 5

If you bring your eyes in with black shadows, then make sure the line is accurate, as applying shadows in one clear line requires certain skills. After completing your makeup, brush away any loose eyeshadow with a thick brush and powder under the eyes.

Step 6

Apply mascara to your eyelashes. Choose lengthening or volumizing mascara. The shade should be rich and deep - you can choose a classic black color, or you can choose mascara to match the color of your makeup (blue or brown). Prepare your eyelashes - curl them with tongs. Apply one layer to lashes, wait for it to dry, then cover again.

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