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How To Cook
How To Cook

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The triumphant return of hairstyles in the style of "cook" happened immediately after the release of the musical "Hipsters", thanks to which people of the older generation remembered their youth, and young people became interested in retro parties. For the first time, the hairstyle came into fashion in the early 19th century. The very name "kok" comes from a similar French word that means "rooster". The cook really does have a similarity to the comb of a rooster. Until now, this styling conquers with its simplicity and originality.

Early 60s hairstyles are back in fashion
Early 60s hairstyles are back in fashion

It is necessary

In order to style your hair in a spinner, you will need a voluminous round comb, a hairdryer, as well as hairspray and wax


Step 1

Wash your hair and dry it a little with a towel.

Next, comb your hair and select the section from which you will make a spin. Apply a little wax or other styling product to it. Gently spread it over the entire length of the strand.

Step 2

Now wind the strand around the comb so that the hair is pointing up. Blow dry your hair.

Step 3

Spray hair with hairspray. Now carefully remove the strand from the comb, being careful not to ruin the spinner. Secure it with invisibility if your hair is long enough.

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