How To Apply Shadow

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How To Apply Shadow
How To Apply Shadow

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Shadows make the eyes brighter and more striking. Shadow colors can be matched to any outfit and to any situation! You can apply shadows in different ways. The effect will depend on what application technique you use, the method of application, how you are able to combine colors.

How to apply shadow
How to apply shadow


Step 1

Method of application: Almost all shadows can be applied in two ways: dry and wet. Using a dry method, you can achieve a soft color, a kind of "haze" on the eyelids. The wet method will make the shadows brighter and more noticeable. To use wet application, lightly dampen the brush with water.

Step 2

Technique of application. The classic look of eye makeup is a combination of two shades of shadows (dark and light). They visually enlarge the eyes and make the look more expressive. A dark color is usually applied to the outer corner of the eye and a lighter color to the inner corner; more colors can be used. The main thing is that the transition from light to dark is present. Makeup artists advise highlighting the space under the eyebrow with a lighter shade of shadows - this will make the look more open. In addition, you can bring the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a light-colored pearl pencil.

Step 3

Eyeshadow Tools Makeup artists use many different brushes to create the perfect look. For home make-up, you will need several brushes. A medium brush, thick enough to apply shadow to the moving eyelid. Smaller, thicker brush to highlight the outer corner of the eye with a darker shade. Soft medium brush to blend the transitions between colors and apply lighter ones. shadows under the eyebrow.

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