How To Get Rid Of Swelling On The Legs

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How To Get Rid Of Swelling On The Legs
How To Get Rid Of Swelling On The Legs

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Every fifth patient who seeks help from a doctor complains of constant or periodic swelling in the lower extremities, and in the heat it is generally difficult to find a person who does not suffer from suddenly tight shoes and a feeling of heaviness in the legs. Swelling makes everyday life very difficult, but you can try to reduce it significantly or completely negate it with ordinary home remedies.

Swelling on the legs can appear in any person
Swelling on the legs can appear in any person


Step 1

The main culprit for the occurrence of edema is considered to be water, but this is fundamentally wrong. A person is 70% water, and if it begins to accumulate in cells in quantities exceeding the natural norm, then something contributes to this.

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Most often, edema occurs in hot summer weather, when the body, responding to external conditions, tries to create a certain reserve of moisture just in case. If at this moment you drastically limit your water intake, you will give the body a signal that the water has run out, and it is doing everything right. The swelling does not decrease from this, and the next glass of liquid you drink will only intensify their manifestation.

Step 3

Therefore, drink enough in the heat. Excess moisture in a healthy person is always excreted by the kidneys or in sweat. But what should be limited is the consumption of salt, smoked meats, fatty foods. Drink herbal and green teas, eat fruits and berries (especially watermelons), add fermented milk products, baked potatoes, beans, celery into your diet.

Step 4

Pour warm water into a bucket, dissolve 300 grams of sea or ordinary table salt in it, dip your feet in the water for 20-30 minutes. The salt bath helps to draw water out of the cellular tissue, the swelling after the first foot bath will become noticeably less.

Step 5

Do not cross your legs, do not fold them one on top of the other. Better to lay on a small rise and try to lie down like this at least for a while. The force of gravity will cause some outflow of fluid from tired legs, reduce their volume.

Step 6

A contrast shower will increase blood circulation in the legs, which also helps to reduce swelling. But only pour over your feet, finish the procedure with cool water, and then let your feet dry in the air.

Step 7

But what absolutely should not be done is to get involved in diuretics without the recommendation and supervision of a doctor. Uncontrolled enthusiasm for diuretics can cause dehydration, which is fraught with more than serious consequences.

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