How To Remove Chest Hair

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How To Remove Chest Hair
How To Remove Chest Hair

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Video: How To Remove Chest Hair
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Removing chest hair is one of the most sensitive topics for men. Someone is critical of this, saying that it makes a man a metrosexual. But some of the stronger sex still remove their hair. It happens that hair grows on a woman's chest. To remove such vegetation or not is not a question.

How to remove chest hair
How to remove chest hair

It is necessary

Razor, wax, epilator, depilatory cream


Step 1

Long gone are the days when a man with a hairy chest was considered the standard of beauty. Now dense vegetation is no longer in vogue. Many women love pumped-up male models, metrosexuals with no body hair at all. When removing hair from the chest, you need to take into account that this is a rather painful part of the body, in addition, you will need to constantly repeat the procedure over and over again. The most common method is to remove your hair with a razor. Painless, simple, cheap. Although you will need to shave your breasts often, perhaps every day. In addition, you need to use a softening gel after shave.

Step 2

You can remove hair with an epilator or wax strips. It is more painful, but also longer lasting (compared to shaving).

Step 3

There are special depilatory creams that are applied to the hair and destroy it. The effect will last for 2-3 days, after a while you will have to repeat the operation. After such depilation, skin reddening is possible, but the procedure is painless.

Step 4

For women with single hairs growing on the chest. removal with tweezers is suitable. The result will last longer than a month, then you will need to repeat the procedure.

Step 5

The best method for removing chest hair is laser hair removal. This is the most durable (albeit expensive) and painless method; in some cases, it can be used to remove hair permanently.