How To Grow Stubble On Your Face

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How To Grow Stubble On Your Face
How To Grow Stubble On Your Face

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The fashion for unshavens appeared thanks to Hollywood actors, who made it one of the must-have attributes of a real man. Bristles adorn a man, but not every girl will dare to kiss him - an unshaven cheek will scratch delicate lips and cheeks. However, if someone's stubble grows back in a couple of days, then some have to make a lot of effort to speed up the growth of facial hair.

How to grow stubble on your face
How to grow stubble on your face


Step 1

Many men start shaving in school when there is not much to shave. The hormone testosterone is responsible for the amount of hair and the rate of their growth. In sufficient quantities, it begins to stand out only during puberty, which manifests itself in the hairiness of the armpits, groin and face. The forerunner of the bristles is the fluff, which appears only in the 10-11 grade. The amount of testosterone depends on heredity. However, there are ways to help regulate the hormone levels in the blood.

Step 2

To begin with, stop consuming products containing caffeine - coffee, tea, chocolate, various tonic drinks. The ban should also be imposed on drinking alcoholic beverages, especially beer, which contains a substance similar to estrogen, a human hormone that suppresses testosterone production.

Step 3

Foods high in zinc should be added to the daily diet, such as eggs, beans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and nuts.

Step 4

In parallel with adjusting nutrition, you should do physical exercises for endurance and strength. They will help to increase not only muscles, but also the amount of the necessary hormone that stimulates the growth of facial hair. If a man is too obese, then he just needs to lose weight - the more fat, the more female hormone estrogen, which suppresses testosterone.

Step 5

Many people are mistaken in the belief that frequent shaving stimulates the growth of facial hair. This is not true. Hair only coarsens, darkens, becomes thicker, creating the illusion of an abundance of facial hair. However, for many, this will be an excellent way out of the situation: for two weeks, shave her face less than twice a day. Then leave him alone. As the week goes on, you yourself will notice that the stubble has become more noticeable.

Step 6

Regardless of whether you are looking to grow a thick beard or shave regularly, remember that you will only look stylish when your face is tidy, so forget about sloppy stubble or protruding hairs.

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