How To Relieve Irritation After Shaving Your Legs

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How To Relieve Irritation After Shaving Your Legs
How To Relieve Irritation After Shaving Your Legs

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Irritation and redness of the skin after shaving the legs pisses off many women. There is a set of measures to minimize unpleasant effects.

How to relieve irritation after shaving your legs
How to relieve irritation after shaving your legs

Preparing to shave

To avoid irritation after shaving, it is important to properly prepare for the procedure itself. First of all, you need to soften your hair. It's best to just get your feet wet or wrap them in a warm, damp towel. It is best to shave your legs after a bath or shower, during which time the skin is moist and the hairs are soft enough so that shaving will be less traumatic.

Do not use soap to facilitate shaving, as it dries and irritates the skin. Instead of soap, you should purchase a shaving cream with aloe in the composition or any other suitable means. In case your skin tends to be irritated, a good shaving cream can help. Apply it to your skin after showering or bathing, wait a few minutes for it to soften the skin, and start shaving.

To reduce skin irritation, shave your legs in the direction of hair growth. The results will not be as encouraging as when shaving in the opposite direction, but the irritation of the hair follicles will be several times less.

What to do after shaving your legs?

After shaving your legs, apply a special lotion to your skin. If you don't have one on hand, use your regular full body lotion. Applying the lotion reduces itching and redness after shaving.

A real salvation from irritation is a 1% hydrocortisone cream. They need to treat the skin of their feet immediately after shaving. Hydrocortisone significantly constricts blood vessels and has a pronounced antiseptic effect. It reduces blood flow to the targeted area of ​​the skin, removing redness. If in your case the irritation is very strong, you can apply the hydrocortisone cream a second time with a short break on the same day. This should clear up all symptoms.

Do not overuse hydrocortisone. It is a short term remedy. If you use it regularly, the body's sensitivity to it decreases, and after rejecting this cream, redness, irritation and itching manifest themselves much more strongly. In addition, the frequent use of cortisone causes the skin to thin and stretch. And the vessels in regularly treated areas can seriously expand.

Another way to reduce skin irritation is to change your razor more often. Remember that disposable razors or double-bladed razors shave extremely close to the surface of the skin, which can injure hair follicles. The duller the razor gets, the more it irritates the skin. So throw away disposable razors after three or four uses maximum, and change blades on reusable razors more often. Try an electric shaver. Its use makes the skin smoother and reduces irritation.

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