How To Remove Irritation After Shaving Your Legs

How To Remove Irritation After Shaving Your Legs
How To Remove Irritation After Shaving Your Legs

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The problem of irritation of the legs after shaving them is familiar to many of the fair sex. However, there are many ways to get rid of this.

How to remove irritation after shaving your legs
How to remove irritation after shaving your legs

Aloe juice treatment

An excellent remedy that can relieve irritation on the legs after epilation is the juice of a plant like aloe. As a matter of fact, you can use not the plant itself, but cosmetics, where it is added. These are various creams and gels. But, if there are none, and there is an aloe plant in the house, then it is worth doing the following. A couple of leaves are cut off, which are then crushed in a blender, mixed with oil, preferably olive oil. The homemade product is applied to the skin for about 20 minutes. Then you should go to the shower and rinse with cool water. Being absorbed into the skin, the ingredients of the prepared product will nourish and protect the skin.

Using peppermint oil

Another great remedy for getting rid of foot skin irritations. To use this essential oil, you need to take any cream or lotion intended for the body and drip a couple of drops. If there are no body care products available, then a baby cream will do. With your palms, rub the product thoroughly into irritated skin. But, before using peppermint oil, it is worth finding out if there are any allergic reactions to it. Otherwise, the irritation can be even greater.

Special cosmetics

You can resort to using special cosmetics that are designed for this purpose. There are an incredible number of them on sale today, and therefore it will not be a problem to purchase them. They are designed to directly relieve irritation after shaving.

How to prepare for epilation

Before shaving your leg hair, you should carefully prepare for this procedure. This will help relieve the chances of irritation. Therefore, it will be necessary to do the following:

  • Before you start shaving, it is worth holding your legs under a stream of cold water. This is necessary to give the skin goose bumps. It is the so-called "Goose bumps" that causes the hairs to begin to rise. This will provide a safer shave, which means that there will be no or minimal irritation.
  • You should also use a product such as a scrub or exfoliating foot mask before shaving. If it was not at hand, then you can make the tool yourself. For this, honey and salt are taken. The components are mixed in the same amount and applied to the skin, while the movements should be massaging. Such a procedure will help to smooth the skin, shaving will be light and gliding. As a result, the skin will become less traumatized, which means that the risk of irritation will be minimal.

It should be noted that carrying out preventive measures is of great benefit. This helps to avoid irritation much more effectively than using products that act after they appear. Do not neglect this and then you will be able to avoid red spots, discomfort and discomfort after shaving. It is very important to preserve and preserve the beauty of your legs.

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