Best Way To Shave Your Legs

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Best Way To Shave Your Legs
Best Way To Shave Your Legs

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The fastest and most painless way to get rid of excess hair on your legs is to shave. For a perfect treatment, choose a good razor and gel, prepare your skin and take your time. This will help you avoid the unpleasant consequences of shaving - possible cuts, irritations and ingrown hairs.

Best way to shave your legs
Best way to shave your legs

What you need to shave

For gentle hair removal, you need a good razor. You can use a machine with replaceable cassettes or choose the one-time option. Keeping the blades sharp will help remove hair quickly and avoid skin irritation. The best option is modern machines with three or even five blades, which remove all unnecessary hairs in one motion. Do not shave your legs with dull blades. Change cassettes after several treatments and do not wipe the blades after shaving - just rinse them.

Purchase shaving foam or gel. It doesn't matter if it is a special product for women or for men. Some girls believe that men's shaving cosmetics are more gentle on the skin, because they are intended for the face. Try products with aloe extract and vitamin E to help keep skin irritated.

You can refill your cosmetic bag with a soothing after-shave balm. Creams that slow hair growth are also suitable. They soothe irritation and shave your legs less often. Have hydrogen peroxide or styptic stick ready to disinfect accidental wounds.

Shaving subtleties

So that after shaving the hairs do not grow into the skin, treat your shins well with a hard washcloth and scrub. Use a polymer or sugar based scrub - a salt scrub can injure and irritate the skin. Apply shaving foam or shaving gel to your feet. If you don't have one or the other, use a hair conditioner - the razor will glide easily and the hair will be removed gently.

Start shaving at your ankles, gradually working your way up to your knees. Use short sliding strokes to guide the razor against hair growth. Be especially careful around the joints - cuts are especially common here. If this happens, stop the blood with hydrogen peroxide.

After finishing the front of your shins, use the razor to run over the calf area. Pay attention to single hairs on your feet and toes. Rinse hair off the blades regularly and apply small amounts of gel or foam to your skin from time to time.

When finished, rinse your feet thoroughly and pat them dry with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing your skin to avoid irritation. Apply a moisturizing balm or hair growth retardant to dry feet. Immediately after shaving, do not use a self-tanner or apply alcohol-containing liquids to the skin.

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