Shaving Your Legs: Pros And Cons

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Shaving Your Legs: Pros And Cons
Shaving Your Legs: Pros And Cons

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Epilation of legs is an integral part of every woman's toilet, and hair removal with a razor is the oldest and most common way to get legs in order, but it has its pros and cons

Shaving your legs: pros and cons
Shaving your legs: pros and cons

Shaving legs "for"

In recent years, epilation methods have been especially popular, in which complete hair removal is carried out along with the hair follicles. The effect of such a procedure is enough for almost a month, and in this regard, shaving, of course, loses. However, all these methods are quite painful and time-consuming, which is not suitable for every woman. Not everyone will be able to carry out such a procedure at home, and going to the salon is also additional financial costs. Shaving your legs is very simple, quick and painless.

Inconvenient and really dangerous razors are a thing of the past, modern electric shavers and razors are durable, safe and easy to use. However, you need to know how to use them. Epilation of legs with a razor requires, first of all, a sharp blade, this must be monitored. A dull blade not only shaves badly, but also irritates the skin. Electric shavers need to be sharpened regularly in special workshops, and on machines it is enough to simply replace the blade.

Shaving legs "against"

Many girls refuse to use a razor because their hair grows back too quickly. This is especially inconvenient on vacation, when you want to look perfect, and there is practically no time left to take care of yourself. To make your legs look good, they need to be shaved every 2 days and it is really troublesome.

Another unpleasant moment - the hair begins to prick. The fact is that the razor forms an even cut on the hair, due to which the female legs become rough and prickly to the touch. This effect even gave rise to the myth that regular shaving makes your hair thicker and thicker.

Girls with sensitive skin complain of irritation after shaving: the skin begins to itch and flake. This is because the razor will injure the top layer of your skin. You can avoid this problem if you shave your legs using special shaving foams and gels. After the procedure, do not rush to get dressed, be sure to moisturize your skin with oil or nourishing cream. Sunbathing is also not recommended after shaving.

Useful Tips

If there are inflammations, abrasions and other injuries on the skin, it is better not to use a razor in these places.

When using a razor, do not forget that this is a cutting object. Any careless movement can lead to a cut, which is dangerous for infection, therefore, the razor must be strictly individual and always keep clean.

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