How To Look Fresh In The Morning

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How To Look Fresh In The Morning
How To Look Fresh In The Morning

Video: How To Look Fresh In The Morning

Video: How To Look Fresh In The Morning
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In the morning, many try to carve out a few cherished minutes to stay in bed. The result is a lack of time to put yourself in order. Following a few simple rules will help you look fresh in the morning. x 5412 13869 kb/14-0-547 x 5412 13869 kb/14-0-547

Evening preparation

Often the morning appearance is poor. Wrinkled skin, gray complexion, puffy eyelids and other troubles can easily ruin your mood, even if you sleep well. You can avoid this situation if you prepare for the morning before.

Several evening rituals will help you look fresh and beautiful in the morning. First, be sure to ventilate the room before bed. Scientists claim that the optimum temperature for a good night's rest varies between 16-18 ° C. Therefore, boldly open the window even on a frosty evening. However, you should not sleep under it: even in warm weather, due to micro drafts, you can easily catch a cold.

Secondly, carry out a full range of cleansing activities. Remove makeup, use toner, night cream for both face and eye area. However, take a close look at the latter: it doesn't have to be anti-aging. Anti-age products can cause swelling of the eyelids. The best option is a simple nourishing cream or natural vitamin E oil.

Thirdly, control over evening meals and fluid intake will help to wake up fresh and beautiful. Avoid salty foods and sauces: spices and salt retain water, which in the morning will inevitably be reflected by severe swelling. To avoid the latter, also do not drink a lot of water before bed.

Fourth, pay attention to your hair. If they are long, be sure to braid them. This will allow you to forget about the electrification and confusion. Oily hair should not be washed before bed: at night, the sebaceous glands continue to work actively. If you want to wake up with beautiful clean hair, use dry shampoo: it will absorb excess sebum.

Morning beauty treatments

Preparing in the evening can help avoid the need for long morning training sessions. However, some rituals that help you look fresh and attractive in the morning need to be made permanent. It will significantly improve the condition of your skin, body and increase your self-confidence.

After waking up, take your time to the bathroom. Lie in bed for a while, gently working your entire face with your fingertips. This will activate blood flow to the surface of the skin and help it “wake up”.

A great option to quickly tidy up your appearance is to use an "ice towel". Dip a piece of terry cloth in cold water and cover your face with it for a few minutes. As the material heats up, cool it again. This elementary technique is very effective: swelling is quickly neutralized, mimic wrinkles become subtle, and inflammations lose their bright color.

A faster way to awaken the skin is with ice cubes. You can use both frozen plain water and mineral water. If desired, you can put herbal teas, green tea and even coffee in the freezer. The last two options will not only help you wake up and look fresh and beautiful in the morning, but also improve your complexion for a long time.