Ideas For The Perfect Pedicure

Ideas For The Perfect Pedicure
Ideas For The Perfect Pedicure

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A pedicure should be perfect, especially in the summer when we wear open shoes. This season, you can safely experiment with color, texture and composition. Each new season brings with it new trends. However, if we talk about pedicure, then little has changed in recent years. Naturalness and naturalness are also in fashion.

trendy pedicure
trendy pedicure

A special preference this year is occupied by French pedicure and covering in delicate tones. This pedicure looks discreet and very organic. Pastel colors are popular: pale pink, peach, cream, champagne. They will look especially organic on the nails of young girls. Varnishes of mint tones, rich crimson, bright yellows are still relevant.

As for the shape of the nails, it is better to prefer the standard oval, in extreme cases - the "soft square". The main rule is that a pedicure should be done carefully, without a single blot. In this case, whatever color you put on your nails, it will look advantageous and very beautiful.

Pedicure Ideas

Alone at home. The thumbnails are the largest in size, so they can be accentuated. Draw a nice pattern or ornament on it. Cover the rest of the nails with a monochromatic varnish.

Always shine, shine everywhere. Get small rhinestones in the colors you like from the store. Fold them together, or place just one on your big toe.

Juicy watermelon. Cover the tip of the nail with green, the main part with red (do not forget to place a few points on top). Draw a thin white line between them.

Point, point, comma. Any colorless varnish can be applied to the nails. And on top, place several dots with the color you like.


No matter how beautifully you decorate your nails, if the basic pedicure is done poorly, the overall picture will be sad. Do not forget to take care of your cuticles, get rid of burrs in time, treat your heels and pamper your legs with cream.

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