How To Apply Concealer

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How To Apply Concealer
How To Apply Concealer
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One of the most useful inventions in cosmetics is the concealer, or, as it is called otherwise, the corrector. This is a tonal agent designed to mask spots, small skin imperfections, wrinkles around the eyes. Concealer can be in the form of a powder, pencil, liquid or gel-like consistency, and in color - from peach to blue and green, like "meteorites" from Guerlain. Correctly selected and applied concealer can work wonders, turning the skin into problems, radiant and youthful.

Concealer is a popular make-up correction tool
Concealer is a popular make-up correction tool


Step 1

Pigment spots, freckles To mask these imperfections, choose dense concealers in the form of a beige pencil. After applying the base, the product is pointwise applied to the pigmented areas and shaded. Then the skin is powdered.

Step 2

Acne, inflammation, pimples Here again come in handy concealer in the form of a pencil. The shade of the product is beige or greenish (greenish shades muffle redness), and the latter is chosen only if it is supposed to apply a foundation on top. Applying the product - point, without subsequent shading.If the corrector contains additives with medicinal properties (tea tree oil, sulfur, salicylic alcohol and others), then such a remedy will not only mask, but along the way will heal a pimple or other inflammation on the skin …

Step 3

Redness, vascular network, visible vessels The yellowish tone of the concealer perfectly masks visible vessels, irritation and redness on the skin. The bluish concealer will mask rosacea and sunburned skin. It is applied to clean skin with a brush and then shaded. A yellowish concealer can be applied over the foundation. Moreover, the concealer should be the same shade as the foundation, but a tone lighter. The place where the concealer is applied is powdered.

Step 4

Circles under the eyes. For the skin around the eyes, choose correctors with a light creamy texture that does not dry the skin. To mask dark circles, choose a yellowish concealer, one tone lighter than the skin. Apply it over the foundation, just inside the dark circles, and gently, without stretching the eyelid, distribute it over the problem area. Professionals also advise you to pay attention to the lavender-colored concealer, which will perfectly hide bruises. However, it should not be applied over the foundation, but under it.

Step 5

Expression wrinkles For the visual correction of expression wrinkles, choose a concealer with a light and soft texture, which contains reflective pigments. The shade of the concealer is the same as the shade of the foundation, but one tone lighter. It is best to apply with your finger, making sure that the product does not clog into wrinkles, and after application, walk with a sponge and fix with powder.

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