How To Shave Your Armpits

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How To Shave Your Armpits
How To Shave Your Armpits

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Shaving is considered the easiest and most effective way to remove hair. The developed models of shaving razors for both men and women allow you to shave your armpits painlessly and achieve perfectly smooth skin in a matter of minutes. Hair begins to grow back on the second or third day, so the procedure must be repeated regularly.

How to shave your armpits
How to shave your armpits

It is necessary

Machine, shaving foam, scrub, nourishing cream


Step 1

Before you start shaving your armpits, you need to take a shower. Hot water and steam soften the skin, open pores and soften hair. Keep your skin clean so that no infection can enter your pores and hair follicles while shaving.

Step 2

Treat the armpits with a special body scrub. Exfoliation helps exfoliate dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs.

Step 3

Apply shaving agent to armpits - mousse, cream or foam. It is not recommended to use soap as it dries out the skin.

Step 4

Moisten the razor blade with water before shaving and gently slide over the skin. Pressing hard can damage your skin or cut yourself.

Step 5

Shaving armpit hair is recommended from top to bottom, in the direction of hair growth, to avoid irritation and skin cuts. To achieve perfectly smooth skin, at the end of the procedure, walk with the blade in the opposite direction - from bottom to top.

Step 6

Rinse the blade several times while shaving to remove the hairs.

Step 7

After shaving, moisturize the armpits with a nourishing cream, treat the irritated areas with hydrocortisone cream. This cream quickly relieves inflammation.

Step 8

Rinse the shaving razor thoroughly with water and dry.

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