Do You Need To Shave Your Armpits

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Do You Need To Shave Your Armpits
Do You Need To Shave Your Armpits

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Modern fashion dictates its own rules, which sometimes can even go against what nature has created. For example, it is believed that a person's hair should only be on the head, and it is better to straighten out the rest of the vegetation. But is it really necessary to do this?

Do you need to shave your armpits
Do you need to shave your armpits

What is armpit hair for?

Scientists have several hypotheses about the function of the hair growing in the armpits. First of all, the lymph nodes are located in the armpits. Exposing them to ultraviolet light can lead to very unpleasant consequences - cancer. Dense vegetation protects this area from sunlight. Hair also reduces the friction that occurs when walking, while moving arms along the body. Another version is that the hair perfectly absorbs odors, including a natural secret that has a musky scent and attracts the opposite sex. The thicker the hair, the brighter the smell and, therefore, the more attractive the person. At least, the ancient people probably thought so until they decided that shaved armpits looked more aesthetically pleasing.

The smell of sweat also lingers on the hair. In air, it quickly oxidizes and becomes unpleasant, so the ability to absorb odors does not always work for the benefit of a person.

Is it harmful to shave your armpits

Modern man no longer needs to protect his armpits with dense vegetation. Sunscreen and several layers of clothing protect from ultraviolet radiation, deodorants soften the skin and prevent irritation from friction, and armpits, clearly smelling of sebaceous secretions, are unlikely to seem attractive to anyone. By getting rid of hair in this area, you will not harm your body.

The only inconvenience can be irritation after shaving. Use a razor with sharpened blades, wipe the skin after the procedure with a disinfecting lotion and use a cream.

Shave or not shave

Shaving or not shaving armpits is a matter of your taste preferences and your ability to resist the opinion of the majority, which nevertheless believes that women's armpits should be naked without fail, and men's - highly desirable. Many summer clothes are designed in such a way that the armpit is visible in it, and the hair in this place will be conspicuous and will not contribute to the creation of the image of a stylish and well-groomed person. If you do not care how attractive your armpits seem to others, you can leave it as it is, only paying extra attention to hygiene issues. After all, this is your body, and you are free to dispose of it at your own discretion.

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