How To Maintain Hair Color After Dyeing

How To Maintain Hair Color After Dyeing
How To Maintain Hair Color After Dyeing

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Girls are very fond of changing their image, experimenting with makeup, clothes and, of course, hair color. If changing clothes and makeup is not difficult, then with hair dyeing, everything is much more complicated. Bright shiny strands look very impressive, but the acquired hair color is washed out rather quickly, the curls become dull. How can you preserve a new shade for a long time?

How to maintain hair color after dyeing
How to maintain hair color after dyeing

Avoid washing your hair for 48-72 hours after dyeing.

Usually, the salon provides a full range of services, namely, they wash their hair, cut their hair and dye them, but many girls, when they come home, wash off the remaining hairs. It is worth remembering that it is these manipulations that are the main opponents of the brightness and saturation of hair color. The pigments of the paint are small and, getting into the hair, they interact with oxygen and increase. Having reached a certain size, the pigments are fixed in the hair, only after that it is very difficult to wash them off. This chemical process takes place during the first 48-72 hours.

Use products exclusively from the line "for colored hair".

Regular shampoos (not all, but many) have an alkaline medium, the sulfates contained in their composition raise the hair scales, which, naturally, allows the color to wash out much faster. There are no sulfates in the products of the line "for colored hair", they have an acidic environment, while washing the hair scales are smoothed out. In addition, most of these products contain polymers, protective filters, proteins, etc., which envelop each hair, thereby protecting them from burnout in the sun.

Refuse to use products intended for deep nourishment of hair, restoration.

The fact is that such products have a low molecular structure, they quite easily fall into those layers of the hair where paint pigments are retained. The use of nourishing and regenerating masks, sprays and other means of restoring lines leads to the fact that the shade fades faster. If you want to enjoy the richness of your hair color after dyeing for a long time, do not use such products for at least the first two weeks after dyeing.

Take a course of hair restoration treatments before dyeing.

Porous hair holds the dye very poorly, so all girls who want to keep their hair bright as long as possible after dyeing just need to go through a full course of restorative procedures before dyeing. As for the procedures themselves, the master himself must choose them, taking into account the characteristics of your hair.

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