Natural Shampoo: Do It Yourself

Natural Shampoo: Do It Yourself
Natural Shampoo: Do It Yourself

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Frequent washing of hair leads, paradoxically, to deterioration of their health and loss of beauty. A good solution to this problem is to replace industrial cleaning cosmetics with natural shampoos.

Beautiful hair without shampoos
Beautiful hair without shampoos

More recently - 20-30 years ago, the habit of washing your hair almost every day could seem strange and even suspicious. Hair of any length was washed, as a rule, once a week, using neutral soap or poorly foaming Soviet shampoos.

The bright jars of shampoos that filled store shelves in post-perestroika times loudly declared that now the head can be washed as often as the hair requires - even daily.

The "2-in-1" formula, which has become a pleasant wonder. shampoo and balm in one bottle convinced the population that shampooing really does not cause any problems anymore: fluffy, fragrant foam removes all impurities well, hair becomes voluminous, easy to comb, and does not electrify.

Now the habit of washing your hair as soon as the hair loses its freshness has become the norm.

However, it cannot be said that this was good for our hairstyles: too frequent use of active detergent ingredients leads to the loss of natural lubrication by sebum, the scalp dries up, the functioning of the hair follicles deteriorates, the hair becomes thin, brittle …

Stories about village grandmothers who preserved long braids as thick as a hand to a ripe old age are not legends or fairy tales. They just had neither the ability nor the need to put the beauty and health of hair to the test of frequent washing using harsh chemicals.

Against the background of the wave of unity with nature and a return to its origins, popular today, an increasing number of people are switching to a healthy diet, the use of natural fabrics, finishing materials and cosmetics.

The beauty of your hair will directly depend on the way you care for it, and avoiding industrial shampoos is one of the important steps leading to a healthier scalp and hair follicles.

There are many ways to wash your hair without using shampoo: using mustard powder, soda, bread crumb, eggs, cosmetic clay, ash, soap nuts … You can choose your own product for each type of hair.

But there is one natural shampoo recipe that is versatile and suitable for all hair types. This shampoo has a cumulative effect, and as it is applied, the condition of the hair improves, and the need to wash it decreases.

For shampoo we need:

  • 14 Art. l. rye flour;
  • 2-5 tbsp mustard powder (2 tablespoons - if the hair is dry and normal, 5 tablespoons - if oily);
  • 7 tbsp dry medicinal herbs (herbs can be different - a spoonful from 7 species of plants or one herb - in the amount of 7 spoons).

The ingredients are poured with a small amount of hot water (not boiling water!) So that a mixture is obtained that is close in consistency to thick sour cream.

The mixture can be used to wash your hair after 1-2 minutes of infusion, but if you have time, then it is best to wait half an hour - the herbs will give the maximum of useful substances, and the benefits of homemade shampoo will increase several times.

For short hair, it is enough to brew just 1 tbsp. prepared dry mixture, for hair, waist-length - 3-4 tablespoons.

The shampoo is applied to the hair, distributed over the entire length, gently massaged the head and left for 2-3 minutes to act. Wash off the mixture with warm running water. To enhance the effect, you can use herbal rinses suitable for your hair type.

The most important thing when using this miracle shampoo is not to stop after 1-2 times of application. Hair will at first resist and “demand” a return to the usual chemistry.

You need to endure this time and wait until the adaptation period has passed.Resisting the temptation to rinse the "it is not clear what" with the old proven shampoo, you can achieve an amazing effect: hair will become denser, fuller, healthy shine will return to them, they will stop splitting, breaking and falling out.

And most importantly, there will be no need to wash your hair every day! Once a week is enough, your hair will look not only healthy, but also fresh.

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