How To Choose A Gel Polish

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How To Choose A Gel Polish
How To Choose A Gel Polish

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Gel polishes are very popular today among women who want to build beautiful and durable nails. In fact, they are a hybrid of gel and varnish, which is in the assortment of almost all manufacturers of nail cosmetics. To choose a high-quality and long-lasting gel polish, you need to know what characteristics it should have.

How to choose a gel polish
How to choose a gel polish


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When choosing a gel polish, many masters are guided by the ratio of price and quality, which is the defining criterion. Usually, the cost of such a varnish depends on the volume of the bottle, the standard capacity of which is 15 ml, as well as on the country of production, the brand of the company and the composition of the product. Professional and not cheap gel polishes are of high quality, do not harm the natural nail plate, stay on it for ten to fourteen days and can be easily removed with a special wash.

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The duration of the preservation of the gel-varnish coating is quite impressive - at the same time, not only the varnish is preserved on the nails, but also various cracks, chips and erasures of the manicure do not form. When choosing a gel polish, you should pay attention to the fact that the instructions declare the persistence of at least three weeks, during which the coating will not lose its external properties. In addition, a high-quality gel polish shines perfectly without additional coatings and does not lose its shine until the very renewal of the manicure.

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A good gel polish should be applied very easily (like a regular polish) and not spread over the surface of the nails. It should come with a convenient brush, which will allow you to apply gel polish on the nail plate with an even thin layer, leaving no gaps. Also, when choosing it, you need to make sure that it polymerizes under a standard ultraviolet lamp or a modern novelty - an LED lamp, under which each layer polymerizes no longer than thirty seconds, several times reducing the master's work time.

Step 4

A high-quality gel polish should be conveniently and easily removed from the surface of nails within ten to fifteen minutes when softened with a liquid specially designed to remove gel polishes. Washing should be done as follows: the liquid is applied to a cotton sponge, which is placed on the nail surface and wrapped in foil. The procedure is repeated with each finger and it remains only to wait for the complete dissolution of the gel polish. The remover should be free of banned chemicals to keep your nails looking good.

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