What Is The Best Comb For Combing Your Hair

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What Is The Best Comb For Combing Your Hair
What Is The Best Comb For Combing Your Hair

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Hair beauty is directly related to their health. Regular washing, proper care and a carefully selected comb made of quality material will leave your hair strong, soft and shiny.

What is the best comb for combing your hair
What is the best comb for combing your hair


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Regular brushing of your hair is necessary for more than detangling or smoothing it. This improves blood circulation to the scalp, resulting in thicker and more shiny hair. You need to comb it carefully, because with sharp movements you can tear your hair or pull it out by the root.

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There is a huge variety of combs on the market. They all have their pros and cons and serve different purposes. The classic massage brush removes dirt and dust from the hair, stimulates the nerve endings of the skin and improves blood flow to the hair roots. When choosing such a comb, make sure that the teeth are not very sharp. Otherwise, microcracks will appear on the skin, and the hair will become brittle.

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Combs work well for daily brushing of long, thick hair. Their sparse teeth help to detangle hair without pulling it out. In addition to brushing with a comb, it is convenient to distribute the styling product or mask along the entire length of the hair.

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The skeletal comb is a narrow brush, but the teeth in it are much less frequent, and there are through holes at the base. Such a comb is a must for lovers of thermal styling with a hair dryer. Hot air circulates freely through the holes, hair styling easier and faster. Another comb, created specifically for styling, is called "brushing". It is a round brush with dense teeth all over the cylinder. It is convenient for her to pull her hair, curl and create waves.

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Combs made from natural materials are considered the best. Wood does not electrify hair and can be used in contact with colored hair. In addition, each tree species has certain properties: birch eliminates dandruff, oak soothes, juniper relieves stress and saturates the hair with a pleasant aroma. The main condition: the comb should not be varnished or painted. Natural materials also include animal bone and bristles.

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Plastic combs have one plus - they are easy to clean. In terms of benefits, plastic creates a static charge on the scalp and releases toxic substances when heated with a hairdryer. Combs made of ebonite, as well as an alloy of plastic and silicone, have an antistatic coating. The most delicate are nylon brushes. They act softly and carefully, therefore they are suitable for weak, fine and children's hair. Metal brushes detangle hair well, remove electrical charge, but are not recommended for colored hair. The metal reacts with the paint molecules, resulting in a color change.

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