How To Remove Moles On The Body

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How To Remove Moles On The Body
How To Remove Moles On The Body

Video: How To Remove Moles On The Body

Video: How To Remove Moles On The Body
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Moles on the body have always been considered the secret of ladies' charm, but not all skin formations are safe. Their very presence does not threaten the health of the owner in any way, but they must be handled carefully. A mole is an acquired or congenital pigmented lesion on the skin that is brown in color. Large moles sometimes develop into tumors, so people who have them should be seen by a doctor.

How to remove moles on the body
How to remove moles on the body


Step 1

Whether it is necessary to remove moles on the skin surface can only be determined by an oncologist. The indications for removal can be cosmetic or medical, the method of removal depends on this.

Step 2

For cosmetic indications, you can remove a mole using liquid nitrogen, electric current, laser, or by surgery. If the formation is large and deep, only the surgical method is used, but after that a noticeable scar will remain. According to the requirements of oncologists, the area of the captured skin is about 5 cm in diameter. In the event that the mole is located on the face, the use of this method is extremely difficult.

Step 3

Removal with high frequency current leaves small scars, causing thermal lesions around the mole. But this method makes it possible to make a histological examination, which is impossible when removing with liquid nitrogen and a laser.

Step 4

If the skin formation does not protrude above the surface of the skin, but only has the appearance of a dark spot, it is better to use the cryodestruction method, that is, do not remove the tissue, but only freeze it. After that, a crust will appear on the surface of the skin. Gradually, healthy tissue forms under the crust. It is not necessary to additionally process the wound. But at the same time, it is impossible to completely control the action of nitrogen, so it is likely that the skin formation will have to be removed more than once.

Step 5

In the presence of medical indications, it is necessary to remove the entire focus only by surgery. In this case, a histological examination is mandatory.

Step 6

After removing a mole, the skin should be properly looked after, otherwise age spots may appear. The resulting crust cannot be removed, as it will fall off after a while on its own. For the first few days, it is impossible to wet the treated area; it is also undesirable to apply cream or decorative cosmetics. After the scab has disappeared, pink, delicate skin will appear, which must be protected from direct sunlight until it is the same color as the skin around the treated area.