How To Quickly Reduce Your Waist And Sides

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How To Quickly Reduce Your Waist And Sides
How To Quickly Reduce Your Waist And Sides

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A shapeless waist and fat rolls on the sides can ruin even the best figure. A balanced diet, a set of exercises and simple procedures that restore elasticity to the skin will help you quickly get in shape. Within a week, you will notice that the figure has improved, and the silhouette has become more graceful.

How to quickly reduce your waist and sides
How to quickly reduce your waist and sides

It is necessary

  • - training apparatus;
  • - anti-cellulite cream or gel.


Step 1

Start by putting together a balanced menu. For quick weight loss, you should eat at least 5 times a day, and in very small portions. The basis of the menu should be vegetables and cereals. You can add lean meats such as steamed or baked turkey or chicken without butter, cheese, or other high-calorie ingredients. Avoid sweets and fruits, as well as foods that cause bloating - a variety of legumes, black bread, yeast dough products.

Step 2

It is important to ensure normal digestion and proper water balance. Drink at least 2 liters of clean, still water a day. Herbal teas are also suitable - mint, chamomile, as well as a rosehip decoction. It is better to refuse coffee and carbonated drinks - they are bad thirst quenchers and can cause dehydration. Do not drink concentrated freshly squeezed juices and especially drinks from packs - they are very high in sugar.

Step 3

Keep track of the calorie intake. The number of calories you need can be calculated based on your height, age and degree of physical activity. In order to lose weight, but not slow down the metabolism, a woman of average height and moderate physical activity should not exceed the norm of 1500 kcal.

Step 4

Get exercise. The waist is formed by a variety of bends, turns and body rotations. To warm up, do exercises in a standing position, warming up the muscles, proceed to a more complex complex. Lying on your back, move your raised straight legs to the right and left, do "scissors", raising your straight legs not high above the floor. Exercises in hanging on a gymnastic wall or crossbar, as well as exercises with weights on the legs, are very effective.

Step 5

Buy a simple abdominal and oblique waist trainer. A spinning disc, slider, hoop will suit you. Exercise several times a day to help keep you tired and maximize your calories.

Step 6

Learn self-massage techniques. Rub the waist area, clasping it with both palms. Pinch your skin from back to stomach. This will increase blood flow and promote intense fat burning. The massage can be combined with the application of an anti-cellulite cream or gel. The cosmetic product itself is unlikely to remove excess fat. Its task is to tighten the skin and visually tighten the silhouette.

Step 7

Buy shapewear. Comfortable grace or panties with a high belt will create a thin waist, remove excess fat and give you confidence. In addition, this underwear will help the relaxed muscles to stay in good shape, support the back and provide comfort to the internal organs. Don't buy too tight underwear. The best option is models with size regulation - with their help, you will soon be convinced that you have really lost weight in the waist area.

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