How To Get Rid Of A Mustache If You're A Girl

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How To Get Rid Of A Mustache If You're A Girl
How To Get Rid Of A Mustache If You're A Girl

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The presence of unwanted hair on the face can cause significant discomfort to girls. To date, several techniques have been developed that allow to radically solve this problem - from modern highly effective photoepilation to the method of our grandmothers - tweezers and a mirror.

How to get rid of a mustache if you're a girl
How to get rid of a mustache if you're a girl

It is necessary

Wax or sugar strips, tweezers, mirror, photoepilation machine, electrolysis machine


Step 1

Electrolysis is one of the most reliable ways to get rid of excess facial hair. Hair follicles are treated with a special needle that penetrates the root of each hair and transmits a weak electric current to it. The procedure is performed in a beauty salon by an experienced beautician. Upper lip hair removal can take up to 10 hours in total. A similar removal of vegetation from the chin takes up to 15 hours. The cost of one procedure varies from 25 to 100 euros. The cost depends on the size of the cultivated area.

Step 2

Photoepilation (laser facial hair removal) is not only one of the most reliable and painless, but also the fastest way to long-term facial hair removal. Removing the tendrils will take about a minute. With this method, the hair follicles are exposed to short beams of light, which provokes the cessation of hair growth. About 1000 hairs are removed in one session. To completely remove the mustache, a girl may need from three to seven sessions, depending on the abundance of vegetation. The cost of one procedure can be up to $ 500.

Step 3

Sugar depilation - hair removal in problem areas using special sugar strips. This method can be used at home and, if repeated regularly, gives a result comparable to hair removal in a beauty salon. The strip is applied to the problem area and pressed tightly. Then the sugar strip is torn off in one quick motion along with the adhering hairs. Similar to depilation with the help of sugar strips, waxing is performed. The undoubted advantage is the low cost of the procedure, as well as the ability to get rid of the mustache and other unnecessary vegetation at home. The skin remains smooth for three to six weeks.

Step 4

Plucking. With a small amount of hairs, use the method proven for centuries - pluck the hairs with tweezers. First, the skin must be steamed and cleaned, so it is advisable to pluck the mustache after a bath or shower. Stretch the skin slightly, pinch the hair tightly with tweezers and pull it out in the direction of growth with a sharp movement. After the procedure, apply a soothing balm to the skin.

Step 5

Chemical depilation. This method is one of the cheapest and easiest, however, it is necessary to carry out the removal of facial hair with the help of chemical depilators, since these products contain substances that can cause severe irritation.

Step 6

Bleaching. Antennae and other unwanted facial hair can be discolored with regular hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to this, the hairs become almost invisible and cease to bring cosmetic discomfort. In addition, regular discoloration leads to fragility of the hairs and their subsequent breakage.

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