What Makes A Woman Old

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What Makes A Woman Old
What Makes A Woman Old

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Video: What Makes A Woman Old
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A woman at any age is beautiful. But there are times when a fairly young woman looks older than her years. Why is this happening? Inappropriate clothing and makeup, inappropriate body care and lifestyle - all this affects a woman's appearance. What should you pay special attention to?

What makes a woman old
What makes a woman old


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Often there are cases when a very young girl discovers gray hair. Stress, tension and unhealthy diet are factors that lead to early gray hair, indicating a malfunction in the body. It is not difficult to deal with this problem, it is enough to avoid stressful situations, take vitamins, and eat right. An easy way to get rid of gray hair is to dye your hair.

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Another traitor to youth is the neck. The skin here is very thin, which is why it ages prematurely. Often women do not pay attention to the neck when applying face cream. For the eternal youth of the neck, it is necessary to moisturize it no less thoroughly than the skin of the face.

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Sunburn is also the enemy of our beauty. Excessive use of tanning beds and even regular tanning promises dehydration of the skin, which leads to premature aging. All that is necessary is to observe moderation, use sunscreens and moisturizers.

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A woman in years is betrayed by her hands. Hand care is easy - wear rubber gloves when cleaning, and moisturize your hands with cream throughout the day. Don't forget about nourishing masks and trays. All actions taken together will prolong the youthfulness of your hands.

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Bright makeup is an attribute of an adult woman. Many people notice that a face without makeup looks more natural and younger than "war paint". Therefore, choose calmer tones and apply a minimum of makeup.

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You should also choose clothes according to your age. If the wardrobe items will not make you young, then they should not add years to you. Dress your age and try to avoid clothing that is too loose and shapeless.

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Perfume can also give the wrong impression of your age. Young girls usually choose light and airy fragrances, while mature ladies choose more sophisticated perfumes with a tart smell.

Step 8

The insidious enemy of appearance is cellulite. He always gives the girl an age. This problem is the result of a poor lifestyle. You can fight cellulite with the help of sports, proper nutrition, massage of problem areas with special creams.