How To Remove Hair In A Folk Way

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How To Remove Hair In A Folk Way
How To Remove Hair In A Folk Way
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Traditional medicine provides many tips on how to remove unwanted body hair. The action of most of them is designed for the hair follicle, and in order for the effect to be noticeable faster, it is better to shave off the hairs before using folk remedies.

How to remove hair in a folk way
How to remove hair in a folk way


Step 1

According to many women, the most effective folk way to deal with excess hairs is a potassium permanganate bath. This procedure is best done in the evening before going to bed in the cold season, since potassium permanganate can stain the skin. Make a warm, saturated solution of potassium permanganate and apply it to problem areas. Be careful as undissolved crystals can burn.

Step 2

For another recipe, you need to mix 2 grams of iodine and ammonia, 40 g of alcohol, and 3-5 g of castor oil. Leave the resulting mixture for a while until the solution is completely discolored. Apply the product to problem areas twice a day, and the results will be evident in one to two weeks.

Step 3

In folk medicine, it is often advised to use nettle seeds for the manufacture of various agents and decoctions. To combat excess hairs, rub the body with fresh seeds twice a day, or make an infusion of dry crushed nettle seeds and sunflower oil in a 1: 2 ratio. Insist the remedy for two weeks, and then wipe the problem areas twice a day.

Step 4

To combat unwanted hairs in folk medicine, there are recipes for masks, which include ash diluted with water to a state of gruel. You can use cleaned ash left over from burning pine nut shells or self-seeding poppies.

Step 5

Hydrogen peroxide will help to discolor body hair. Just dampen a cotton swab with it, apply to hairs and let dry. After a few applications, the hairs will become invisible, and soon they will begin to fall out altogether. For the convenience of applying peroxide to large areas of the body, you can add it and a few drops of ammonia to the foam or shaving gel and distribute the product over the skin. Soak the lather for a few minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. The effect of using such a tool is visible after five procedures.

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