How To Get Rid Of Leg Scars

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How To Get Rid Of Leg Scars
How To Get Rid Of Leg Scars

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It is believed that scars adorn a man. Such sayings have not been invented about women, so the weaker sex is trying in every possible way to get rid of the hated marks, especially on the legs - the pride of many women. Scars are healed scars from wounds and abrasions. There are several ways to get rid of these trauma reminders.

How to get rid of leg scars
How to get rid of leg scars

It is necessary

  • - "Kontraktubeks",
  • - nutmeg,
  • - honey,
  • - badyaga,
  • - mummy.


Step 1

Since ancient times, scars have been treated with folk remedies. Badyaga is an excellent remedy. It is sold in the form of a beauty cream or herbal sachets. The cream should be rubbed into the scar once a day. The herbal packs should be diluted with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the skin in small amounts every three days. The main thing with the second method is not to overdo it, because it is quite painful - old skin begins to peel off.

Step 2

Altai mummy also helps in getting rid of scars. It can be found in powder form in pharmacies. But it is advisable to apply at night, since the mummy has a very specific smell. Can be mixed with baby cream for easy application on scars. Mummy tablets are not always effective. When tabletted, various chemicals are added to it, which reduce the healing properties of this miracle cure.

Step 3

Nutmeg mixed with honey to a creamy consistency is a great remedy for scars! If you decide to use this method, then keep in mind that the amount of nutmeg plays a critical role. With an excess of nuts, you can easily get burned. For starters, a composition of 1/5 nutmeg and 4/5 honey is suitable. If there is no negative reaction of the skin, then the proportion of the nut can be gradually increased, reaching 2/3 of the nut and 1/3 of the honey. Massage the resulting cream into the skin for 5 minutes. It should be on the skin for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. Use this remedy daily for about 2 weeks. If there is no visible result, this method is not for you.

Step 4

If folk remedies have not worked, buy Kontraktubex ointment. It heals small scars, rough scars, and even stretch marks, which is important for some women. If the scars are fresh, then the cream should be rubbed several times a day with light movements. And for old scars, an effective method is to apply a bandage soaked in "Contractubex" overnight. Treatment with this drug can take 3 to 6 months.

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