How To Cover Up A Bruise

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How To Cover Up A Bruise
How To Cover Up A Bruise

Video: How To Cover Up A Bruise

Video: How To Cover Up A Bruise

If you hurt yourself before a solemn event and an unpleasant bruise flaunts in a conspicuous place, do not despair. Of course, bruises and bruises do not need to be masked, but treated with special ointments that absorb hematomas, but what if you need to look perfect today? Check out a few rules and tricks and just disguise it! So, how can you cover up a bruise so as not to aggravate the situation, but to make it really almost invisible?

How to cover up a bruise
How to cover up a bruise


Step 1

Before starting make-up or camouflage, the skin must be moisturized - this way it will more easily “grab” all the pigments and products and the makeup will not crumble. Use a small amount of moisturizing (never greasy or nourishing!) Cream or gel without oil, using patting movements, and wait two minutes.

Step 2

Take concealer. It has a dense structure and hides even strong darkening. The concealer can be greenish, it will perfectly hide the bluish color. You can also use a camouflage pencil, apply it pointwise, hammering in, without trying to smudge.

Step 3

The red color of bruises and bruises is neutralized with a yellow corrector - gently apply and blend, leveling the edges or transitions with another color.

Step 4

It is better to cover the yellow edges of the bruises with a bluish or light purple concealer, this example is used by professional make-up artists. These colors neutralize yellowness and bruising will hardly be noticeable after applying subsequent concealers.

Step 5

Now take a cream powder or thick powder and apply, again, not

rubbing on the bruise.

Step 6

To remove any swelling, if any, apply ice wrapped in a tissue or thin bag to the bruise before applying the concealer and let it sit for a few minutes.