How To Get Rid Of Bruises From Injections

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How To Get Rid Of Bruises From Injections
How To Get Rid Of Bruises From Injections

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It is almost impossible to avoid bruising with repeated injections. People are especially affected, whose blood vessels are very thin and close to the surface of the skin. In such cases, it is best to use several methods at once to get rid of bruises from injections.

How to get rid of bruises from injections
How to get rid of bruises from injections

It is necessary

  • - iodine
  • - Dimexide solution
  • - ointments "Bodyaga", "Bodyaga Forte", "Ambulance for bruises and bruises", etc.
  • - cabbage or burdock leaves
  • - honey
  • - Rye flour
  • - mustard
  • - radish


Step 1

Apply an iodine mesh to the bruise from the injection with a cotton swab. Repeat the procedure up to four times a day. Remember that in case of an allergic reaction to iodine, in no case should you use this method!

Step 2

Make a compress with a 30% solution of Dimexide mixed with four times the volume of cold water. Before applying the compress, be sure to lubricate the skin with a cream, preferably very greasy, and put a napkin soaked in the prepared solution on the bruises from the injection. Place a plastic wrap on top and secure with a bandage. Apply this compress every night until the bruise disappears completely.

Step 3

For bruises from injections, which are already several days old, as well as bumps at the injection site, buy any of the ointments, creams or gels containing heparin, troxerutin, troxerutin with indovazin, or an ointment for bruises "bruises" at the pharmacy. Apply this ointment (cream, gel) to the bruises at the injection site twice a day until they disappear completely. Place a piece of cellophane on top of the product overnight, securing it with a bandage.

Step 4

To help the above methods of getting rid of bruises from injections, use folk remedies. Apply a compress of cabbage or burdock leaves, smeared with honey. Use only fresh leaves, which are pre-rinsed with hot water and beat off before juicing. Fix the prepared leaves in place of the bruises with a bandage overnight. Repeat the procedure every night.

Step 5

To make the compress, take four parts rye flour, two parts honey and one part mustard. Mix the ingredients until a soft, thin dough is formed and apply in the form of a cake over the bruises from the pricks. Apply the compress twice a day. In the absence of flour and mustard, use a radish, which grate on a fine grater. Mixing ratio: two parts radish and one part honey. Do this compress only once a day.

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