How To Accelerate Body Growth

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How To Accelerate Body Growth
How To Accelerate Body Growth

Video: How To Accelerate Body Growth

Video: How To Accelerate Body Growth
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Tall men and women at all times looked majestic and beautiful. Even if a girl's height is 166-167 cm, this is already good, especially if she is slim. Growth is influenced by many factors, including diet and lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to be tall, you need to adhere to a certain lifestyle.

How to accelerate body growth
How to accelerate body growth


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The growth of a person's body is the main indicator of his health and strength. Human bones begin to grow from childhood, and their enhanced development begins at the age of 10-15. In the future, the growth of the body slows down, ending at the age of 22-25 years. There are many different factors that affect a person's growth, among which the main ones can be distinguished:

- genetic predisposition;

- food;

- Lifestyle;

- environmental factors. Naturally, you can not think about how tall the child will be if his father and mother are small. However, in practice, parents usually have different heights. In this case, you should find the arithmetic mean between their height and, on its basis, make a prediction about the child's height. However, the likelihood that such a forecast will come true is low. Typically, a child inherits the growth gene from only one of the parents.

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Nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting a person's growth. It is known that the more a person consumes calcium in their diet, the faster it grows. Calcium is found in milk and dairy products. It is also present in large quantities in wheat and rye grains. Proteins are the building blocks of all cells in the body. With a lack of proteins, the growth of not only bones, but also muscles, as well as internal organs, slows down. Fats also play an important role in the development of the entire body. Therefore, in adolescence, it is necessary to receive with food all the elements required for bones to grow strong and healthy. Vitamin D also strengthens bones. It is mainly found in fish and seafood. In addition to calcium, bones also need phosphorus. They are rich in cod, pollock and other types of fish.

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An active lifestyle not only prolongs life, but also accelerates the growth of the body. Bones and muscles develop much faster under the influence of running or walking than with physical inactivity. Therefore, starting from early childhood, you should accustom your child to morning exercises and sports. In order for the muscles to be plastic, it is necessary to do gymnastics. Running, walking in the woods, swimming, skiing and skating - all this not only hardens the body, but also stimulates the growth of bones and muscles without any hormonal drugs.

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Expectant mothers should protect themselves from any diseases, since the growth rate of the child is determined even during the period of his intrauterine development. Any infection can have an adverse effect on the hormonal system of the mother, and therefore the child, which can lead to dwarfism or, conversely, gigantism. You should also observe a competent diet during pregnancy. Newborn babies are also susceptible to various diseases that affect muscle and bone growth. To prevent this from happening, protect children from the cold, do all the necessary vaccinations on time, give the child vitamins.