How Great It Is To Lose Weight By Summer

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How Great It Is To Lose Weight By Summer
How Great It Is To Lose Weight By Summer

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We all strive to lose weight by summer. And in the race for a beautiful and fit figure, sometimes we forget that the process of losing weight can and should be healthy. Walk with the author through the 7 steps to healthy gaining harmony with a light and springy gait. Losing weight by summer is great - it's great, isn't it?

How great it is to lose weight by summer
How great it is to lose weight by summer

It is necessary

  • - complete and balanced nutrition;
  • - time for healthy sleep and rest;
  • - Nordic walking sticks;
  • - measuring tape;
  • - personal psychotherapist.


Step 1

Common sense and clear planning are the main ingredients in a healthy weight loss recipe. Many men and women literally build castles in the air when they approach this issue. Try to be rational in planning your slimming activities. Avoid emotionally charged promises to "lose 30 kilos in a month" or "lose exactly 2 times". Set an achievable and rational goal. For example: "for the swimming season, I intend to remove excess fat from the hips and waist, lose the extra 5-7 kg." The main thing is that your task, with an objective view from the outside, is perceived as a completely realizable goal.

Step 2

Most modern weight loss experts agree that the main reason for gaining excess weight is stress. They reason as follows. Emotional and physical stress leads to tension throughout the body. Part of the energy that was previously released by our body to get rid of toxins and toxins, from excess fats, is now wasted, to maintain tension in the muscles. This means that the main goal of healthy weight loss is not not to consume a lot of fat, but to rid the body of the effects of excess stress.

Step 3

Therefore, no diets! After all, it is precisely dietary restrictions that are perhaps the main source of stress for our body. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Your body, getting rid of unnecessary stress, needs an influx of energy. Just cut out ice cream, cakes, and cold soda from your diet. Don't overeat, eat just as much as you need to feel energized throughout the day.

Step 4

Provide your body with maximum rest while losing weight healthy. Do not regret time for sleep, because it is during this passive period for the body that it is freed from toxins and toxins, prepares for the withdrawal of unused fats during the day. You should sleep at least 8-10 hours a day. Moreover, the basic rule of healthy sleep is: "go to bed early and get up early." This means that at 11:00 pm you should already be snoring sweetly in your bed, and it is better to get up with sunrise.

Step 5

Another way to store energy to relieve the body of stress is through outdoor activities. When developing a healthy weight loss program, prioritize body-gentle exercise and exercise. Provide maximum movement and mobility for all muscle groups. Shown: outdoor cycling, Nordic or Nordic walking with sticks, table tennis, badminton, evening exercise with a spouse under the arm, ballroom dancing, volleyball. Good oriental practices include qigong, taijitsuan, yoga and taipang. The pool is especially good for its relaxing effect on the whole body. Contraindicated: weight lifting in the gym, running, martial arts. In general, anything that causes stress rather than relieves it. Spend most of your rest and exercise outdoors. You remember from your school physics course that the basic formula of combustion is oxygen. Intending to burn fat? Then provide your body with oxygen.

Step 6

When developing a healthy weight loss program for the summer, give your subconscious mind a clear and specific installation to achieve your goals. To do this, firstly, you need to formulate the target and end date of the program.For example: "I will remove excess volume from the waist and lose 5 kg by July 20, 2013". For added credibility, write this goal in a red felt-tip pen and large letters on a sheet of poster and hang it up in your kitchen. Second, use a measuring tape to track your hip and waistline decreases and keep a diary where you record your morning and evening measurements. Scientists have found that this alone motivates the body to dump excess volumes. You can post the results under the poster for better visibility. Celebrate every small victory to reduce your waist and hip stocks and big victories won't be long in coming. Scales and weight measurements, on the other hand, are more likely to cause stress than lead to weight loss. Therefore, donate your bathroom scales to the enemy.

Step 7

Another, often overlooked, source of extra pounds is stress caused by trauma from our distant or immediate past. These can be traumatic situations from childhood or conflict situations in the family and at work. You've probably heard expressions like "she's eating stress" or "sweetening a bitter pill with a slice of cake." This kind of irrational behavior is most likely a consequence of past stress. Do not try to find out, let alone solve this problem on your own or with your friends. If you find a similar source of stress in your life, make an appointment with a therapist. Entrust some of the work of freeing your body from your emotional traumatic legacy to a professional.

Psychological trauma in childhood is the cause of excess weight now
Psychological trauma in childhood is the cause of excess weight now

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