How To Clean Up For The Beach Season

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How To Clean Up For The Beach Season
How To Clean Up For The Beach Season
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The spring sun more and more often reminds us that vacation is coming soon and it's time to get ready for the beach season. During the long harsh winter, you may have accumulated a couple of kilograms of excess weight, lounging on the couch near the TV, forgetting about morning exercises and neglecting going to the gym. The result was not long in coming, the bumps of cellulite appear in all problem areas. All this can be corrected in a couple of months and by the time you look your best.

How to clean up for the beach season
How to clean up for the beach season

It is necessary

  • - diet;
  • - physical exercises;
  • - cosmetic wraps;
  • - 10 solarium procedures.


Step 1

Pay special attention to your diet first. The miraculous pills advertised on TV screens will not help you lose weight if you continue to eat densely and satisfyingly, eat at night, without limiting yourself in anything.

Step 2

Avoid high-calorie foods. If in the cold season the body needed enhanced nutrition, spring is the time to completely revise the diet. Include plenty of plant foods and limit animal foods. Do not try to lose weight right away, do not resort to very strict diets and fasting. Two months is a sufficient time to lose the fat accumulated over the winter without straining, without nervous breakdowns and hungry fainting. Be sure to have breakfast, this will help you not to pounce on food at lunchtime and not to feel hunger in the evening, when you need to reduce food as much as possible and completely stop eating after 18 hours.

Step 3

Physical activity is another way to lose weight. In addition, this will allow you to tone the muscles, the skin will tighten. Sign up for a gym or fitness center. Intensive exercises three times a week will model your figure in a short period of time. Additionally, do light morning exercises and take a contrast shower.

Step 4

If you have the opportunity and free funds, take a course of anti-cellulite cosmetic wrap. 10-15 procedures will help to reduce the volume by a few centimeters, tighten the skin and significantly lose weight.

Step 5

Also, prepare your skin for tanning. Visit the solarium several times. This will help you look less pale in comparison to those around you and avoid the unpleasant effects of sunburn in the form of blisters, redness and flaking.

Step 6

Comprehensive preparation for the beach season will make you look and feel great, and most importantly, you will be confident in yourself.

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