How To Gain Weight In A Week

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How To Gain Weight In A Week
How To Gain Weight In A Week

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The dreaded word "diet" is familiar to those who have ever tried to shed a few extra pounds. However, it is also worth going on a diet for those who, on the contrary, want to get better without risking their health. This issue should be approached wisely so as not to come to a disastrous result.

How to gain weight in a week
How to gain weight in a week

It is necessary

  • - foods high in protein and carbohydrates,
  • - gym membership.


Step 1

Being underweight can be the cause of some health problems. So, if a girl is too low in weight, problems with reproductive function may arise. Therefore, if you decide to gain weight, go to the doctor for examination before simply eating as much as possible in a row.

Step 2

Choose your diet. As already mentioned, diet is not about limiting yourself in the amount of food. This is a properly selected diet that should not harm the body and should bring the desired results. Since you are planning to gain weight in a week, you need to try to increase your appetite and change your diet.

Step 3

Drinking juice from vegetables or fruits before meals can help improve your appetite. Try to eat as often as possible - at least 5-6 times a day. The main thing is not to feel hungry, this can negate all your efforts to get better. After a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner, don't rush out on business. In order for food to be absorbed in the body, give him a short rest - lie down for half an hour.

Step 4

Introduce as many protein and carbohydrate foods as possible into your diet. It can be eggs, fish, meat. Be sure to eat dairy products, try to choose those that contain a high percentage of fat. Carbohydrates are found in pasta, potatoes, white bread, honey, sugar, sweets. Ask your losing weight friend what she denies herself, and feel free to buy these products in the store. They just won't bother you.

Step 5

Make a protein shake. Add a pack of cottage cheese to a glass of cream, mix it all with two tablespoons of honey and jam. This high-calorie shake is sure to help you gain weight.

Step 6

Sign up for a gym. Weight gain is not only due to nutrition, sports will also contribute to gaining pounds by increasing muscle mass. Contact the trainer with your problem, he will help you choose the right set of exercises. The main thing that you must remember throughout the entire time is that weight gain should not harm your health. Eat right, exercise, and you will achieve your goal.

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