How Best To Do Hair Removal In

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How Best To Do Hair Removal In
How Best To Do Hair Removal In

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Women have been struggling with unwanted body hair since ancient times. However, the most progressive methods in this direction appeared relatively recently in connection with the spread of laser, ultrasonic and other technologies. Nevertheless, women still use old, proven methods to remove excess vegetation, albeit not as effective, but feasible at home.

How best to epilate
How best to epilate


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A simple way to remove hair is with a special electric device - an epilator. It removes hairs like tweezers - pulls them out. But this method of hair removal can be irritating and quite painful. Despite the apparent simplicity of this method, there are some tricks that can help you achieve smoother skin, prevent irritation, and slow down your hair.

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Epilation with an electric device is best done in the morning, at this time of day the skin is firmer, more elastic and less prone to damage. Move the device slowly, in the direction of hair growth - this method slows down their subsequent growth. The lines of movement should be straight, if you work with the apparatus in a circle, then the hairs do not pull out from the root, but simply break. Do not forget to use a moisturizing gel or skin cream after finishing the process.

Step 3

There are several ways to remove hair with cosmetic wax. At home, cold is most often used. It is easy to use and does not require the creation of any conditions for warming up, which means that you can easily take it with you on vacation or on the road. In this case, the wax mass is enclosed between two strips. The wax is heated in the hands, then one paper strip is removed and glued with the open side with an adhesive to the skin, like a regular plaster. They remove it, as in other cases, against hair growth.

Step 4

Epilation with warm wax. The composition for this procedure contains resin and emollients and is used to remove fine and small hair on the face and especially sensitive skin areas. It is produced in cans or roller cassettes, which must be kept in a special heater with a thermostat before use. When it is heated to the desired temperature, it is evenly applied in a very thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Then paper strips are applied, they are pressed well and, after the wax mass has cooled, they are removed, capturing the hairs. This is the most gentle method and is perfect for the most sensitive skin. In addition, this procedure unclogs the pores, and the skin begins to breathe more actively.

Step 5

Hot epilation is the most painful. The wax, heated to 55-60 degrees, is applied to the body. After cooling, the resulting wax film is sharply torn off in the direction against the growth of the hair. It is necessary to carry out such a procedure at home very carefully, since skin burns with an overheated composition are possible.

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