How To Make Porcelain Leather

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How To Make Porcelain Leather
How To Make Porcelain Leather

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Every woman can be proud of radiant, healthy skin. But not everyone can boast of natural beauty, since the skin still needs daily care, nutrition and protection. Many girls want to see on their face aristocratic pallor, perfect tone and the so-called transparency of the face. Matte and non-tanned leather is called porcelain. There are several ways and secrets that will help you achieve the desired result.

How to make porcelain leather
How to make porcelain leather

It is necessary

scrub, face mask (rice and milk), moisturizer, leveling foundation, transparent powder


Step 1

To achieve the natural whiteness that defines porcelain skin, you need to turn to whitening masks and exfoliators. First, get rid of the flaking (if any) on the skin, remove dead cells with a scrub or any other exfoliating agent.

Step 2

Now you can apply a mask with a whitening effect to your face. Many people use masks to even out and improve their complexion. You can also make a whitening and tone-leveling product at home. For example, a rice mask. Grind half a cup of rice in a coffee grinder, mix 2 tbsp. rice flour with warm milk to a creamy consistency, then apply a few drops of vegetable oil to your face, wait until it is absorbed, and only then apply a rice mask to your face and neck. After 10 minutes, gently remove it with a damp cloth, and you can apply moisturizer.

Step 3

To create the perfect tone on the face and hide minor imperfections, first use a leveling tonal base (makeup artists sometimes advise using a green base for very light-skinned girls, as it perfectly masks small wreaths and capillaries visible on porcelain skin). After the leveling base, brush on a sheer compact or loose powder. She will make the face expressive and give it a certain airiness.

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