How To Reduce Body Hair Growth

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How To Reduce Body Hair Growth
How To Reduce Body Hair Growth

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In ancient times, increased "hairiness" on women was honored and respected, as they were considered "close to God." Whether this is a violation of the hormonal background or the norm, only a doctor can answer. But if you are concerned about this problem, there are several ways to deal with it.

How to reduce body hair growth
How to reduce body hair growth

It is necessary

  • - mint,
  • - contraceptives,
  • - hormonal drugs.


Step 1

Most often, dark body hair appears in brunettes. But this is not unusual - it's just a feature of the body. Most Eastern women suffer from this misfortune: some carefully hide their hair, while others try to get rid of it. If you notice that the hair has begun to grow unusually quickly, and its structure has changed - it has become thicker and longer, then there is a violation of the hormonal background. In this case, only a doctor can help. In women, this problem can arise with the approach of menopause. During this period, your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy. It is necessary to balance the ratio between estrogen and testosterone.

Another reason for unexpected hair growth is diet. On a diet, a woman's body begins to suppress the work of the ovaries, resulting in the release of the male hormone testosterone, which contributes to the growth of body hair.

Step 2

Doctors recommend drinking contraceptives to yourself, this can only make it worse. Medicines should be prescribed by a doctor after examining you and taking the necessary tests.

Step 3

You can try beauty products that reduce body hair growth. They should be applied after shaving or epilation. At first, hair growth decreases, it becomes thinner and less visible. After several procedures, hair growth stops for some time, usually from six months to a year. Then the procedure should be repeated.

Step 4

And finally, a folk grandmother's recipe. Mint tea lowers blood testosterone levels. You can add fresh mint sprigs or brew a little dry herb from a bag. You need to drink it 2-3 times a day for a cup, if you like it, you can even more. True, mint has contraindications. People with low blood pressure are advised not to drink peppermint tea. Mint also contributes to varicose veins, as it reduces the tone of the venous vessels.

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