How To Get Rid Of Acne Marks On Your Back

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Marks On Your Back
How To Get Rid Of Acne Marks On Your Back

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Back acne often leaves dark red or bluish spots that last. If you squeeze out a pimple, then these spots can remain for years. Cosmetic treatments will help remove acne marks on your back.

How to get rid of acne marks on your back
How to get rid of acne marks on your back

It is necessary

  • - blue clay and lemon juice;
  • - tomatoes, starch;
  • - fresh cucumbers;
  • - lemon juice and egg white;
  • - rosemary oil;
  • - bodyag and hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lidase, salicylic alcohol, dimexide.


Step 1

Use blue clay to lighten stains - dilute the dry powder according to the instructions (you can add a drop of lemon juice), apply on acne marks, leave to dry. It is useful to alternate blue clay compresses with white clay compositions - both types have a lightening effect and help to smooth the skin.

Step 2

A tan hides pigmentation defects in the skin, so use every opportunity to expose your shoulders and back to the sun. In cold weather, visit a solarium, and if you are against UV exposure to the skin, then use a self-tanner.

Step 3

Use whitening masks. Combine tomato pulp and starch, apply to selected areas of the back and rinse in the shower after they dry. Make compresses from grated cucumber, apply gauze napkins with pulp on the traces - after 20 minutes, the composition can be removed. Mix lemon juice (2 teaspoons) and egg white - apply the mixed mass to the skin of the back. Apply cotton pads soaked in rosemary essential oil to acne marks in the form of compresses for 10 minutes, or wipe the spots periodically throughout the day. Hydrogen peroxide and body masks are very useful, but the effect will have to wait about two months.

Step 4

Remove stains with a special compound. Prepare a mixture of lidase, salicylic alcohol and dimexide - you will need a teaspoon of the remaining ingredients per bottle of alcohol. Moisten a gauze bandage with the solution, squeeze and apply to the spots - first treat a few marks for two weeks, then move on to other areas. The composition degreases and regenerates tissues, causing the removal of the scar layer that gives the skin a dark color.

Step 5

Take a course of procedures in the salon. Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion will help get rid of the upper, pigmented layer of the epidermis, and the darsonvalization procedure will saturate the skin with oxygen and consolidate the result. Laser skin resurfacing will solve the problem of acne spots on the back once and for all - the device removes even deep scars and old scars, often the effect is noticeable after the first session.

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