Elos Epilation Reviews

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Elos Epilation Reviews
Elos Epilation Reviews

Video: Elos Epilation Reviews

Video: Elos Epilation Reviews
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Elos epilation is a waste of money. In the salons they promise that the hair will disappear forever and never grow back. The procedure is very painful and costs a lot of money. I had to go for several Elos epilation procedures, after which the hair, of course, became smaller, but they still continue to grow. I think it's easier to do hair removal at home. You have to spend a lot of time on this, but it is less painful and many times cheaper.

Elos epilation reviews
Elos epilation reviews

I like it


I was so tired of daily shaving that I nevertheless decided on this advertised Elos epilation. In general, I liked it, of course the procedure is painful, but for the sake of 6-7 weeks without shaving, you can endure. 5 sessions have already passed. I do epilation in the bikini area. I am planning a few more, then another area. The salon promised to rid me of my hair for a year or two. Hopefully this is true.

Smoothness wisely


Previously, everything was like in advertising: "I shaved one leg with a regular machine, the other with something else." But the hair still grew at a terrible rate. Therefore, I boldly went to Elos epilation. I didn't have pain and burns that someone might be afraid of. Everything went quickly and almost painlessly. For several sessions of elos-hair removal, I solved the problems that bothered me from the transitional age, from which I already began to have complexes! Now there are no black dots from the hairs, and they themselves are not. With each procedure, the number of bulbs became two times less, until they were completely gone.

My experience with ELOS


I have long wanted to do hair removal in the armpit area, I did not dare for a long time. I finally came to the salon, and I was offered Elos as the safest type of hair removal. The price turned out to be high, but now I expect a corresponding result. After 5 procedures, the hair became 5 times less, they became thinner. I look forward to completing the course!

I do not advise


A very expensive and useless procedure. Elos epilation is a deception and luring a lot of money. Not only is it painful enough, but also for a long time! And there is no result - everything has grown in 4 days! Plus to all this, I got skin problems in the areas where I did the hair removal, now I don't know how to deal with it. Sorry for the money and the time spent. Don't get fooled by advertising.

Elos hair removal


Elos hair removal is a painful procedure that requires time, money and patience. During Elos hair removal, using the current, unnecessary hair is removed forever. Electrical energy destroys the follicles. But I heard that many people still grow hair, although more slowly and they are getting smaller. With each procedure, the hair becomes smaller and smaller. If someone does not have severe irritation from conventional home hair removal methods, then it is not worth giving so much money. I would do without Elos epilation.

Elos on tanned skin


When I decided to epilate ELOS on my legs, at first I was very afraid, because my skin became very tanned after the vacation, and although this is not a contraindication for ELOS, they said that the effectiveness of the procedure could significantly decrease. Considering the high cost, I doubted for a long time - suddenly I would have to do it much longer. But my fears were not justified, ELOS helped, tanned skin is not a hindrance. No burns, no pigmentation. I am very satisfied.

Epilated Elos


The salon offered to try a new type of hair removal - Elos - on the bikini area. The process resembles ordinary photoepilation. Two weeks have passed, the result, it seems to me, does not differ from photoepilation. The procedure is much more expensive, and you need to do it as often as others. Of course, after all the round, they promise that the hair will not grow at all. I doubt it, so next time I will not do elos.

Elos or not Elos, that is the question


Quite controversial I can call the way to get rid of hair - the popular Elos hair removal. According to the descriptions, it is harmless and effective, does not pigment the skin, but in practice it is extremely expensive and the effect is like from photoepilation. It is necessary to carry out the ELOS epilation procedure at least ten times, then the bulbs weaken and the hair thinns, but since I have a very deeply ingrained pigment, my hair is still climbing. And it's a shame, so much money was spent on the sessions. So it seems to me that Elos is more suitable for blonde girls.

Elos epilation review


Since Elos epilation is quite expensive, I tried to do it just above the upper lip. Tingling is felt during the procedure. After that, the hair fell out within two weeks. I did it three times with an interval of 8 weeks, it was recommended to do only 8 procedures for the complete destruction of the hair follicle. I really liked this type of hair removal, especially since they say about its greater safety compared to others. In the future, I plan to do hair removal in the bikini area.