How To Get Rid Of The Scruff Of The Neck

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How To Get Rid Of The Scruff Of The Neck
How To Get Rid Of The Scruff Of The Neck

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The nape is called a seal in the upper back (the zone of the seventh cervical vertebra), formed as a result of the deposition of fatty tissue. Other names are withers, wen, widow's hump, cervical growth. In addition to the fact that the scruff of the neck is simply ugly, it also causes a lot of problems for its owners. This is a periodic numbness of the shoulder area, regular headaches, unpleasant pulling sensations in the spine, etc. You can get rid of the scruff with the help of special exercises, massage and compresses.

How to get rid of the scruff of the neck
How to get rid of the scruff of the neck


Step 1

Gymnastics Take a starting position: stand up straight, straighten your shoulders and pull them back a little. Begin to do light head bends forward / backward, right / left. Then go to the turns: stretch your chin alternately to the right and left shoulder. Finish the gymnastics with head rotations, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Repeat all exercises any number of times. There is only one condition - when you fulfill them, you should not experience discomfort, i.e. dizziness, neck aches, darkening of the eyes. To do this, start gymnastics with a small amplitude and a low pace, increasing the load gradually, day by day.

Step 2

Massage You can sign up for a procedure with a professional massage therapist, or you can do the massage yourself at home. For the second option, prepare an oil solution. To do this, take 100 g of vegetable oil (castor oil is considered the best), add 20-30 drops of propolis tincture (sold in a pharmacy) to it and shake everything well. Apply the composition to the scruff of the scruff every night and rub in clockwise with your fingers in a gentle but firm motion. The procedure time is arbitrary. You can alternate the oil-propolis mixture with honey-vodka (honey and vodka in equal parts). This composition was used in Russia in the fight against the scruff of the neck more than 200 years ago.

Step 3

Compress Take 3 tablespoons. any vegetable oil, 1 raw chicken egg, 1/3 cup 6% vinegar and the same amount of turpentine. Mix everything thoroughly. Saturate a soft cloth with the compound and place it over the nape of the neck. Cover the top with cellophane wrap and a warm handkerchief or blanket. Keep the compress for 30-40 minutes. Feelings of slight burning and warmth are possible. After the procedure, it is advisable not to go outside, but rather to put on dry warm underwear and lie down.

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